Monday, December 31, 2012

1056 Afghan soldiers killed in 2012: Defense officials

The security transition from NATO troops to Afghan security forces which started last year is due to complete in five phases following a pre-planned organized program.
Despite Afghan security forces are in charge of over 75% of the Afghan soil security, Afghan officials are continuously expressing concerns regarding the lack of proper military equipments which creates challenges for the Afghan security forces.
In the meantime increased Afghan army troops casualties is another challenge being faced by Afghan national army where over 1000 service members have been killed during the year.
Afghan defense ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi on Sunday told reporters, “At least 906 Afghan national army soldiers have been killed during the past 9 months, and a total of 1056 Afghans troops have been killed during the year 2012 which shows an increase as compared to 2011.”
An Afghan military analyst Faqir Mohammad Faqir said increased attacks by militants is one of the main reason behind Afghan army casualties.
He said, “Whenever the other party involved in war increases activities then it will naturally increase the casualties but I think the Afghan troops should trained well, must be disciplined and equipped with modern weapons in a bid to reduce the growing casualties.”
Mr. Faqir also insisted that further works should be done in order to prevent Afghan army troops to lose their morale.

In the meantime NATO is looking to increase Afghan police and army numbers to 350,000 as the coalition troops are getting prepared to leave the country in 2014.
However Afghan and NATO officials are concerned regarding low morale of the Afghan security forces and troops escaping from their duties and growing insider attacks by Afghan troops on their international counterparts and comrades which creates barriers for the training of Afgahn security forces.
At least 60 NATO troops were killed by their Afghan counterparts during the year 2012.

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