Thursday, April 26, 2012

Myanmar Navy Received Two Chinese Type 053H1 Frigate

Two photos were posted indicating that China handed over two Type 053H1 frigates to Myanmar Navy. In the Myanmar Navy ships have hull numbers F21 and F23.

Frigates Type 053H1 Jianghu-2 (development of the Type 053H1 Jianghu-one - the modified MRS Soviet D.50) were built in China inthe years 1981-88 at the shipyard Hudong Shipyard in Shanghai.Results for the Chinese navy was built 10 of these ships, including one ship in 1989 sold to Bangladesh and was named F18 Osman. Also in the years 1984-85 were built two frigates for the Navy Type 053H1 Egypt (951 Najim Al-Zafir and 956 El Nasser).

Displacement, standard / full - 1565/1960 ton
Length - 103.22 m
Breadth - 10.83 m
Draft - 3.19 m
Powerplant - Two-shafted, two diesel 12E390VA (16,000 hp), 2 DG12PA6V280 BTC
Speed ​​- 25.5 knots
Range - 3,000 miles at a speed of 18 knots and 1750 miles at a speed of 25 knots
The crew - 195 people (including 30 officers)

2x2 launchers of SY-1 antiship missiles;
2x2 100-mm gun mounts Type 79A;
6x2 37-mm gun mounts Type 61 or Type 76;
2x5 240-mm ASW rocket launchers Type 81 (30 depth charge rockets RGB-12) or 2x6 ASW rocket launchers Type 3200 (36 depth charge rockets);
2 depth charge mortars Type 64;
2 depth charge racks

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