Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan's Future ICBM

I think Pakistan Must develop & well develop its ICBM Capability.
Reasons are as under according to my personal view:

Pakistan would be able to hit more high value targets and potential threats within a wide range.

Other enemies than India would have to think 100 times before they try to bring any aggression to us.

Pakistan will stand high in Islamic Ummah & they will feel a bit more secure

India would develop its strategic assets in future Far away from its borders , Pakistan would be able to take'em Out.

It will kick start Its Space Industry , and we are going to put 2 satellites By 2011 Inshallah.

it would have a psychological impact on any aggressor nation .

Israel is not our most important Target but it is a potential Target if they Keep threatning us and calling us the supreme Enemy , then we must think about them too but by not being over provoked !!

Pakistan will join the list of ICBM capable Nations list.

Most important thing in this regard is that we must not listen to "Loud mouth" Individuals arround us , suggesting us not to have an ICBM , " How come they can know better than us about our Intrests?"

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