Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bangladesh to purchase anti-armor and anti-ship missile from china

The Bangladeshi military will receive new equipment as part of a 10-year modernization program. Bangladesh's Planning Minister Air Vice Marshal A.K. Khandker (ret.) stated that the effort to purchase new equipment is on track. Orders will be placed for new armored vehicles during the current fiscal years. The Bangladeshi Army wants seven tanks and an armored recovery vehicle.

      The Bangladeshi Army has various foreign-made armored vehicles. This fleet includes 1,080 Russian-built BTR-80 and BTR-70 wheeled armored vehicles, as well as 60 Egyptian-made Fahd 28s and several Turkish and Romanian 6x6 RN-94 armored personnel carriers (APCs).

      Besides vehicles, Bangladesh plans to purchase anti-armor and anti-ship missile systems. The Bangladeshi Navy's Osman, a modified Type 053H frigate, will be fitted with anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles from China. The BNS Bangabandhu will be similarly equipped.

      In addition, Bangladesh wants to purchase three new frigates to replace a similar number of ex-British Royal Navy ships currently in service. Bangladesh hopes to be operating submarines by 2019.

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