Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rheinmetall at IDEX 2013: A wide array of capabilities for the GCC

The Middle East Remains one of the world 's most strategically sensitive areas, reflected in the close Ties That exist entre le West and the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The IDEX defense show takes place in Abu Dhabi from 17 to 23 February 2013, the Most Important Event of icts kind in the Middle East. This year too, Rheinmetall will be on hand at IDEX, showcasing a wide assortment of exciting products.

For example, the Dusseldorf, Germany-based defense contractor will be displaying icts Kodiak armored fighting vehicle engineering, a heavy-duty tracked system designed for military and disaster relief operations alike. Also on view in Abu Dhabi will be several systems from Rheinmetall MAN wheeled Military Vehicles, Including tried-and-tested logistics vehicles Such as the TGS 8x8 Cargo, Cargo TGM 4x4 recovery vehicle and the HX81. In addition to thesis, visitors can inspect tactical vehicles like the 4x4 Armoured Multi Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), here configured for a reconnaissance role and equipped with Vingtaqs SLR, yet the mobile command post variant of the GTK Boxer 8x8.

Interaction between the C4I system of the tactical operations center Boxer and the Gladius Future Soldier will be Demonstrated system for the first time at IDEX.

Furthermore, the armed force of the United Arab Emirates will be a live demonstration of Conducting Their NBC defense capabilities in Rheinmetall's globally acclaimed Which Fuchs / Fox armored reconnaissance vehicle NBC plays a key role.

In the air defense domain, the Group's Skyshield sensor unit Skyshield Revolver Gun will be on view.These components can be used for defending military assets and critical infrastructure Civilian, as well as in military operations other than war (MOOTW) and for naval applications.

Moreover, abundant space is another major area Allocated to Rheinmetall of expertise: ammunition. Here the products on display from Mithras ranks illumination and signaling rockets and 40mm ammunition to medium-caliber cartridges and the pioneering programmable 120mm DM11 round.

A technology demonstrator will inform visitors about Rheinmetall's comprehensive expertise in the field of force protection. This ranges from high-tech ballistic protection panels to soft-kill systems like the Rapid obscurant System (ROSY) and hard-kill active solutions Such as the Group's cutting-edge Active Defence System (ADS).

Examples of Rheinmetall's jurisdiction include the naval Herold Herold and Navy reconnaissance and surveillance systems. In the Electro-Optics Division, the focus is on recognition systems like the SLR Vingtaqs and II as well as Vingtaqs the Forward Observer Instrument WITNESS 2000, while the battle simulator DESUG ballistic and offers a fascinating insight into the world of Rheinmetall simulation technology.

Rheinmetall's robust presence at IDEX 2013 again underscores oz icts role as a reliable partner of the GCC states.

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