Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missile: MBDA put on India to boost growth

Market conditions have become more difficult in the Gulf MBDA.

Opportunities historic MBDA, the Gulf countries have become much harder to penetrate for the first European manufacturer of missiles. During the last decade, the region has provided 60% of export subsidiary of EADS, BAE Systems and Finmeccanica. Today, times have become "more difficult", explains the "Echos" CEO, Antoine Bouvier, the Salon IDEX Abu Dhabi.

MBDA has sales in the UK of 72 Eurofighters to Saudi Arabia, although some difficulties BAE to finalize the contract. Oman has also purchased 12 copies of the fighter, but arming devices has not yet been arrested and remain limited. The visit Idex Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister of Defence then allowed to resume discussions ("Les Echos" from 18 February) on the sale of Rafale in the UAE (and maybe Qatar) . But there are still far away from the cup and the lip ... Apart from the big business of fighters by nature a long time to finalize, MBDA is trying to make his mark in the field of air defense. The company has had some success in the past by selling its VL-Mica Navy and the Royal Guard of Oman, which has just completed a first test noticed. The UAE also bought the missile, according to our information, and a number of discussions are underway on which Antoine Bouvier prefers to remain discreet.

"Political pressure"

MBDA must however meet the American steamroller, which can not be left one Gulf countries out of control in a strategic sector. "The political pressure has increased," says Antoine Bouvier. The next visit of Barack Obama to Oman could well bury MBDA hopes to achieve the trifecta, selling his VL Mica army of local air.

To make matters worse, the Gulf countries have changed their investment priorities, placing greater emphasis on homeland security. Number of Western industrial agree: many cases have been delayed since 2011. The example Nexter is symptomatic. Engaged since 2010 in a bid to Abu Dhabi of 700 armored infantry, the number one French land armaments hoping for a good news Sunday, the first day of the Show ... He will have to wait a little longer.

In this context, MBDA turns his eyes towards Asia. "The Gulf region is very important, but the growth will come from Asia, mainly India," admits CEO.

Case of 6 billion to Delhi with

Delhi is not a virgin land for the missile that struck a year ago a huge hit, selling for nearly $ 1 billion of Mica air-air missiles. However, if negotiations on the sale of 126 Rafale lead, MBDA is sure to take part in the production of armaments.

The other big thing at the moment is the Indian development cooperation with France a surface to air missile short range. Negotiations on the subject have been completed during the recent visit of Fran├žois Hollande in India. The project, called "Maitri" in India, accounting for 6 billion, according to local media.The part that would MBDA would be substantial, even if the amount is unknown. "We are discussing since 2005. It is a matter structuring that will last more than ten years. Our goal is to sign this year, "merely indicates Antoine Bouvier.

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