Thursday, February 28, 2013

Myanmar's Military Spending Through the 2013-2014 State Budget Amount in $ 2 Billion to About

The Myanmar Government HAS Allocated for defense in fiscal year 2013-2014 20.8% of the national budget, or about $ 2 billion, selon "Jane's Defence Weekly," referring to the local sources. 

draft defense budget The Proposed by the government on February 19, will come into force on April 1.Selon experts, the share Devoted to the military, Reduced Compared with appropriations for FY 2012-2013 

However, military expenditure for the state budget Does not include funds received by the enterprises of the military, Which is distributed in Accordance with the Law on Special Funds. 

Law on Special Funds in March 2011 was ADOPTED allows the armed forces, and to use the additional funds without parliamentary oversight. Financing of special funds, is Likely to Increase as through produit from the exploitation of mineral deposits, natural gas Primarily. 

Due to the growth of foreign investment in the gas sector, the International Monetary Fund Expects the gross domestic product of Myanmar from 59 trillion dollars in 2013 to 77 in 2017 one billion, with annual growth rate year of about 7% (Myanmar HAS Developed several gas fields off). 

Noted It shoulds be Imposed sanctions on que le Myanmar by Western countries, led to the fait que the main suppliers of arms to the market are China and Russia. In 2009, Myanmar ordered 20 MiG-29 in Russia and 60 SS K-8 "Karakorum" in China.


  1. Yes, we have to increase budget to protect illegal Bengali immigrants from south asia poorest and high population country bangaladesh.

  2. I would like to mention that burma is much poorer than bangladesh. They are behind us both in total gdp and per capita gdp. The whole world know about the human rights condition of burma. They don't have money for health and education sector wheres in military spending, their spending is really burdening for burmese economy which has already being suffering from years of civil war.



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