Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ocean Eagle 40: NMC launches new trimaran maritime surveillance

This is the latest military buildings Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, who hopes to sell it quickly to several navies. Called Ocean Eagle 40, it is a trimaran designed for surveillance missions and maritime response (fight against piracy, terrorism and illicit trafficking, support for special operations, search and rescue ...), but also intelligence. To develop this new design, the engineers left CMN an operational need expressed by some marine wishing to establish a fast patrol boat with a very high degree of autonomy.Two characteristics difficult to live on a limited platform dimensions or forty meters long. Starting from an audit with the military, CMN has worked on a very innovative design, adopting a trimaran hull, designed with a world expert on this architecture. To save weight, the Cherbourg shipyard has also opted for a shell made of composite materials instead of aluminum. This choice also improves strength, knowing that the Ocean Eagle 40 has a ballistic protection. To obtain the desired performance and reliability, engineers were also inspired, in some cases, technologies from the aerospace sector, hitherto foreign naval environment.

30 knots, 5000 miles autonomy, a drone and commando

The result is a compact building 40 meters long and 17 meters wide, capable of reaching 30 knots, with a range of 5000 miles at economical speed, which is considerable given the size of the platform. The food autonomy is 7 days for a crew limited to only 7 seamen, with additional accommodation for 8 people.These "passengers" can, for example, be commandos. The Ocean Eagle 40 is, in fact, able to support and provide a basis for special operations. For this purpose, it can implement a fast boat of 9.5 meters installed at the back and launch using a ramp. The building is characterized also by its architecture trimaran, with its vast platform designed for deployment of a UAV surveillance Class 300 kg, eg Camcopter Schiebel S-100.

This is stowed on deck and covered, when not in action, a protective device against the environment (water, salt ...) side arms, the patrol has a cannon of tele-operated 20mm or 30mm located above the wheelhouse, a configuration successfully tested by the CMN Interceptor DV15 RWS 15 meters. To obtain a 360-degree coverage, two 12.7mm machine guns are manually arranged on each side of the platform at the rear. They are removable in order to leave the area of ​​landing and takeoff maneuvers totally free at the drone.

Important intelligence capabilities

Note that the building is also equipped with electronic warfare, including interceptor communications, allowing him to perform intelligence missions. It also has, in addition to its capability of radar navigation and surveillance, an electro-optical system complementing the detection means. To this is added a satellite data link to send to the land or other vessels images, videos, and tactical information. The unit is interfaced with a combat system (CMS) and a navigation system (INS). Note that all consoles to manage sensors, weapons and communications are on the bridge. "The Ocean Eagle offers a good compromise between performance and autonomy. That is, par excellence, a fast patrol multifunction meets the needs of marine and coastguard wishing to acquire a new ship concept offers significant capabilities and aerial drone intelligence, "says CMN, which officially unveil the new design during IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 17 to 21 February. But, now-and-now, the manufacturer would have received for the Ocean Eagle 40 a strong interest on the part of its valued customers, who obviously had the scoop to discover this concept.

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