Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Indra to Implement Technology icts in Indonesia's Type 209 Submarines for More Than EUR10m

The company will equip three Indonesian Navy's submarines with radar icts Pegaso signal detection system and Its Aries LPI-S
    These solutions Represent a significant tactical advantage as They enable submarines to Identify terrorism threats while Being Virtually undetectable by today's intercept receivers
    The multinational has closed this deal with the Korean company Daewoo, one of the world's biggest Shipbuilders

Indra has-been Awarded the contracts to equip three of the Indonesian Navy's Type 209 submarines with radar signal detection system icts and Low Probability of Intercept has radar (LPI) system. The value of this project, Awarded by the shipbuilder Daewoo, is in excess of € 10M.

The electronic defense system will enable the submarines to detect and analyze radar signals there Any might be in Their surroundings and Identify the types of vessel, aircraft or submarine They correspond to.

It is a RESM (Radar Electronic Support Measurement) system based on digital broadband reception technology. This kind of high sensitivity processing guarantees must for the system, even in a dense electromagnetic environment, and extremely quick analysis capabilities.

The submarines will accordingly Have a considerable advantage in terms of threat identification. The Spanish Navy HAS Chosen for this same technology icts submarine S-80, as German and Italian icts Have for Their Counterparts U212A submarines.

This solution will operate in conjunction with Indra's Aries, Low Probability of Intercept S radar (LPI). It is a high-resolution system able of Detecting small targets. The low-level radar uses this signal makes it undetectable passablement, so That It can "see without Being seen".

With this project, Indra HAS managed to close a major deal to Become a technological supplier for the Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), one of the world's largest Shipbuilders. At the same time, It Has Strengthened icts trading position in Indonesia and in the Asia-Pacific region, Where It Has had a steady presence for more than 15 years, operating from offices in China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia .

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