Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Striker's the DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class

Commentators have emphasized because of the supernatural or surreal vision of the first DDG-1000 assembled. Straight out of the crazy dreams of an engineer, he nevertheless exudes an impression of strength, then this is still no weapons mounted. But it is true that, unlike the old cruisers bristling with guns of all calibres, stealth destroyers DDG-1000 class Zumwalt hide most of their arms in vertical silos or in stealth coatings to reduce surface radar cross section (RCS). Of the 32 units planned in the 1990s (before General Dynamics does the bill of $ 3.2 billion and up to about seven piece including R & D) will ultimately be built only 3.

The equipment will still impressive, with 80 cell Mk 57 vertical launch (VLS), divided into 20 modules and each 4 VLS unusual arranged around the periphery of the building. These silos can accommodate RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM), cruise missiles Tactical Tomahawk , missile air defenseStandard Missile SM-2, SM-3 or SM-6, and antisubmarine rockets marine Vertical Launch Anti-Submarine Rocket (ASROC). With the exception of ESSM, which take 4 in a single cell, it does not normally hold only one weapon per silo. Two flats size still to this list PrĂ©vert: the DDG-1000 can not be included within the Ballistic Missile Defense , because of incompatibility radar that should be addressed by future retrofits. This mission will be devoted to the pending missile destroyers DDG-51 class Arleigh Burke (Aegis Combat Systems). In addition, the DDG-1000 do not carry anti-ship missiles AGM-84Harpoon . The missile will be compatible with the VLS only from the standard Block 3 , which is planned but has not yet been developed by Boeing . For protection against other buildings they will rely onTomahawk Anti-Ship Missile (TASM RGM/UGM-109B) and cannon turrets.

These turrets are four in number (excluding two possible machine guns of 30 mm): 57 mm 2 turrets and 2 turrets Mk110 155 mm Advanced Gun Systems for BAE Systems , supplied to 920 shots (3/4 automatic loading ) and designed to fire shells Long Range Land Attack Projectile of Lockheed Martin unit at a rate of 10 strokes / minute and 83 nautical distance theory (or 153 kilometers!). These turrets, still in the experimental phase (especially shells) could be replaced in the mid-life overhaul by the first rail-gunoperation. Similarly, the turrets 57 mm, more specifically dedicated to the close defense, could be replaced by lasers close defense. As the aircraft carrier class Gerald Ford , the generation of electricZumwalt is already planned to collect the additional load.

Even in the state class destroyers Zumwalt has more firepower than substantial, although designers are considerably far from the original idea of Arsenal Ship of Admiral Joseph Metcalf U.S.. The concept itself is derived from a French project: the Rapper , whose idea was developed by RenĂ© Loire. At a time when many scholars denounced the chronic under-arm European vessels in general and French in particular, it would not be inappropriate to reconsider the idea.

Away from the naval prestige, mystery submarine hulls or gray traditional charm, the Striker is a ship unique concept designed around firepower, stealth and resistance to blows. Her figure is closer to the barge building line, is extremely low in the water, no more than 1.50m above the surface to escape the missiles shave sea, its structure is designed according to the same principles as those tanker with a double hull in which interspersed ballast and fuel tank. Its design is modular, independent modules adding butt for a simplified construction. It is designed to accommodate a crew reduced to a few dozen people, mostly responsible for the navigation and maintenance. The boat contains by hundreds of missiles against all types of blocks in VLS. Inserted in a communication network, decision and designation, Striker is a mobile platform massive fire support. The cost of construction (including arms) is estimated hundreds of millions of euros, the price of two to four Rafale . This concept was "amortized", for example, in the early hours of the operation Harmattan , when several bursts U.S. cruise missiles were fired. For what we leave it to save American ships, we lose a hundredfold in strategic autonomy.

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