Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Preparing Japan 'Worst Case Scenario' for North Korea Nuke Test

Japan's government is indicating indication it is all contingencies Preparing for That Would result from North Korea nuclear test Conducting a third.  

Japan's top government spokesman HAS Told the international community VOA is making full preparations for another North Korean nuclear test Threatened.

South Korea HAS warned the North it faces "serious consequences" if it goes ahead with another nuclear test. Seoul Explained HAS not what it might take Measures, but some say APÉNDICE South Korea may punish the North with some kind of military action.

In a VOA interview, Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, was Asked how Japan views the Possibility of rising tensions on the Korean peninsula flaring into open conflict.

Suga Said the government's job is to always protect people's lives and icts assets, and Japan is doing its best que look. He Said Tokyo "will deal with the worst case scenario the Japanese people might face."

He did not elaborate.

The top goal spokesman Pledged Japan will work Closely with partners icts in the long-stalled talks with North Korea live - China, the United States, South Korea and Russia, as well as the UN Security Council - to apply more sanctions against Pyongyang if required.

North Korea tests nuclear Conducted in 2006 and 2009. Believed to be Those were plutonium-fueled devices.

Pyongyang nuclear test HAS promised another of a "higher level." Some scientists and analysts suspect North Korea will try to Either Increase the yield of the explosion or the fuel with highly enriched uranium device.

Such a detonation is Widely Anticipated, At Any Time, based on satellite imagery of the Site Where the reclusive country Conducted icts previous two underground tests.

Being viewed in maneuvers in hand as a show of strength Timely directed at Pyongyang, the United States and South Korea are holding a three-day naval drill off the east coast of the Korean peninsula. It includes a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine and a destroyer equipped with South Korean Aegis combat system the advanced.

North Korean state media caractérisée Have joined the exercise as preparations for a pre-emptive attack on the country.

The foreign ministry of China, Which is North Korea's sole ally significant Remaining, is Urging "all sides not to take Any Action That Will Increase regional tension."

Concern about the security of the Korean peninsula has-been rising since December Pyongyang When Launched a rocket and satellite into space in defiance of UN sanctions Utilizing Prohibiting it from ballistic missile technology.

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