Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pakistan displays armaments at IDEX

Pakistan will showcase icts arms industry at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

For the first time Pakistan will display three naval vessels, Including a submarine, at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference, Feb. 17-20 in Abu Dhabi.

IDEX is one of the world's leading armaments exhibitions.

"With the regional security situation in Becoming complex and uncertain at times, Pakistan's defense industry is Compelled to economic development of a response That Is Proportionate to challenges That lies ahead," Pakistan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Jameel Ahmad Khan Said at a news conference at the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi as reported by Gulf News.

"Our defense industry offers affordable military defense solutions. Significance and prominence of The presence in our IDEX is Pakistan Offering all icts defense products at very affordable prices Easily That can be afforded by regional countries Which include the Middle East and North Africa."

Said Khan Production defense is Gaining significance due to a fast-changing security environment around the globe.

"In the first world war and the second world war, They Were conventional wars, now the enemy is not visible, this has-been compounded by borderless enemies," he said. "Borderless enemies like al-Qaeda and others.

"Displaying our naval vessels, the submarine (PNS Khalid) and two other vessels, the PNS PNS Shah Jahan and Jurrat, Have all been modified and upgraded indigenously in Pakistan."

Said Khan Pakistan more than two dozen HAS main and auxiliary units taking share in IDEX. That presence Enhances relationships and military co-operation with the United Arab Emirates.

"Events like this Provide a unique opportunity for our defense-related industries in public and private Both Sectors Their products to display and to interact with the defense industry Directly of the Developed world," he said.

Major Pakistani Their armaments companies displaying wares at IDEX include the Defense Export Promotion Organization, and Global Industrial Defense Solutions), Heavy Industries Taxila, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd, National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Corp. Pakistan Ordinance Factories and, Among Others, Gulf News reported.

The IDEX exhibition is significant for a number of Pakistan for Reasons. As Noted Khan, Given the number of piracy attacks Increasing in the region, maritime defense ships Have Increased importance year for nations border the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean Pakistani warships and military defense are an affordable option.

The PNS Khalid will attract Undoubtedly The most attention as a diesel-electric submarine Being Exported by a Muslim nation. PNS Khalid is an Agosta 90B class submarine designed by France's DCN International. In Sept. 1994, the Pakistani government and signed a contract DCN International for the supply of three Agosta 90-B submarines. The contract for the Stipulated second and third Agosta 90Bs to be built under a technology transfer Karachi program.

The first Agosta 90B, PNS Khalid, was built at DCN's Cherbourg yard and commissioned in 1999. The PNS Saad, assembled at Karachi Naval Dockyard under a DCN-Pakistani joint venture, was Launched in August 2002 and was commissioned in December 2003, while the third Agosta 90B class boat, PNS Hamza, constructed in Karachi, was Launched in August 2006 and was commissioned in September 2008.

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