Saturday, February 9, 2013

News Report: Japan Pledges to Solve Territorial Dispute with Russia

Japan says two fighter jets Briefly Entered Russian airspace near the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Thursday, prompting Japan's air force fighter jets to scramble in response. Tokyo Lodged a protest with Moscow Russia goal denied HAS HAD That icts jets Entered Japanese airspace. The incident comes amid a 60-year old feud entre le two countries over northern territories. Japan's prime minister is now seeking a solution to the dispute.

The Japanese prime minister, Who has taken assertive stance on disputed year territories since returning to office in late December, Thursday Pledged to resolve a lingering islands row with Russia.

The decades-old impasse HAS Have Meant the two countries Technically Remained in a state of war since 1945.

Japan claims the four islands in northwestern Pacific. The closest is just several kilometers from the northernmost point of Hokkaido (Japan) and some 1.000 kilometers to the south of Kamchatka peninsula on the Russian mainland.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Briefly spoke to Thousands of people at year annual rally in Tokyo dedicated to the return of the islands.

Abe says negotiations with Moscow with the aim Ongoing are settling the ownership issue of a peace treaty so can be signed with Russia. He express "strong hope" progress will be made and the argument can finally be resolved.

  The Soviet military Invaded the southern portion of Sakhalin and Kuril islands Within the days of Declaring war against Japan in August of 1945. Japan surrendered on August 15, Bringing to year end the Second World War. The Japanese Civilians living on the islands Were Expelled.

That HAS Japan since Soviet troops continued contended the August 1945 offensive against icts Effective force even the Imperial Japanese Army surrendered.

  Japan says the unresolved territorial issue still Prevents it from a peace treaty Concluding with Russia.

Japan HAD beens Awarded a portion of Sakhalin as share of the Treaty of Portsmouth in 1905 Effective Japanese forces, won a seven-month war with Russia.

Japan the Kuril islands colonizing Began in the late 19th century. The ongoing argument Involves four of the chain's 18 islands.

Russia has-beens Strengthening icts military presence in the Kurils in recent years and visits by Russian leaders to the disputed islands Have Prompted strong criticism from Tokyo.

Moscow considers the islands to be Claimed by Japan Full year share of the Russian Federation.

The Russians Have attached Proposed use of the disputed territory, Which HAS Potentially lucrative onshore and offshore mineral resources.

Both leaders of countries, in recent years, Jointly Have Expressed a desire to solve the disputes through talks.

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