Saturday, February 9, 2013

Navy submarine detection buoys orders

Expendable sonobuoys to detect acoustic emission or reflections from submarines are Being Supplied to the U.S. Navy by ERAPSCO.

The AN/SSQ-125 SONOBUOY to be Supplied is a multi-static active coherent system featuring digital signal processing with digital compass capability, determination of the Providing target's bearing, localization and tracking by aircraft. It is a key element in anti-submarine warfare.

The systems will be ERAPSCO will Deliver Manufactured by the company's relative organisms, the Sparton Corp.. Ultra Electronics USSI and-. The manufacturing subcontracts are worth $ 10.1 million to $ 7.8 million Sparton and USSI to.

Production of the ERAPSCO Said AN/SSQ-125s will take up at Sparton's DeLeon Springs facility in, Fla., And at USSI's facility in Columbia City, Ind.

Were disclosed no details on the number of systems will be produced purpose That Said it ERAPSCO expected delivery of the sonobuoys will be completed in early 2015.

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