Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Iran nuclear talks resume / 5 +1 26 February in Kazakhstan

 Iran and the major powers of the 5 +1 group have agreed Tuesday to resume nuclear talks in Kazakhstan February 26, after several months of suspension, according to an official Iranian agency IRNA reproduced by.

Negotiations between Iran and the 5 +1 (United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany) will take place on February 26 in Kazakhstan, said the Supreme Council of National Security Iranian organization responsible for nuclear negotiations.

Ali Bagheri, the deputy head of the Supreme Council of National Security and Helga Schmid, Deputy Chief of European diplomacy (Catherine Ashton) have agreed on it today (Tuesday) during a telephone interview, he said.

The EU had said on Sunday that the proposed date of February 25 for the resumption of talks.

The great powers had initially expected a meeting in December and January. But no agreement had been reached with Iran on the date and location.

The last round of negotiations was held in Moscow in June 2012 and as its previous did not register progress on the Iranian program to enrich uranium, which is at the center of concerns.

The international community suspects the Islamic Republic of trying to develop atomic weapons under cover of its civilian program, which Tehran denies, and the UN and the West have imposed a series of Iran sanctions.

In 2012, negotiations had stalled when the 5 +1 had asked Iran to suspend enrichment to 20% and export its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20%, saying that they fear stocks and technology accumulated by Tehran does allow it to produce uranium enriched to more than 90% required for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

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