Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gripen: orders 7 billion Swiss francs for Saab

22 combat aircraft for Switzerland and for the 60 Gripen Sweden account for Saab orders worth about 7 billion francs. Despite this concrete figures, prices between Switzerland and Sweden can not be compared.

"We do not know the price of Swiss fighter," said the vice-president Lennart Sindahl Saab during a press conference on Friday in Berne. Statements that can be contradicted by the figures already known: according to the Federal Council on 22 Gripen cost 3.126 billion francs.

Saab sold the Gripen for Switzerland in the Administration Swedish Defence Materiel (GMF). The Swedish authorities then sell the Swiss government, but Saab said not to know what amount.

Saab gets some CHF 2.2 billion, said the Federal Department of Defence, protection and Sport (DDPS) at ats. The remaining 900 million related to weapons and services. Part of the money also covers the risk and increases the estimated cost.

The price is "pretty good"

Fixed price that Switzerland has negotiated with Sweden is "pretty good," said Saab. Switzerland will obtain additional new fighter jets. Sweden will however integrate its 60 Gripen C parts of the model, the production costs are therefore cheaper.

This is why the prices between 40 to 60 and 22 Swedish Gripen Gripen Swiss are not comparable, even if it is ultimately the same plane, said Mr. Sindahl.

The press conference was held to announce that the agreement for the Gripen fighter aircraft from the manufacturer Saab and the Swedish authorities had been signed for the period 2014 to 2026.

If 22 new fighter jets and 60 Gripen processed are controlled, the Swedish automaker plans for the next two years orders up to 47.2 billion kronor (6.9 billion dollars).

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