Saturday, February 2, 2013

Four Malian soldiers killed by rebel landmine Suspected

At least four Malian soldiers Were Killed When Their vehicle struck a landmine planted Suspected to Have Been by fleeing Islamist insurgents in northern Mali, Malian military officer.

"The explosion of the patrol vehicle killed four soldiers and wounded five. Between Gossi It happened on Wednesday and Gao," Said the officer, Requesting not to be named.

Gao, The Largest town in northern Mali, was right to adequate housing by Islamist insurgents Until the weekend, When They Fled a three-week air and ground offensive by French and Malian forces, Reuters reports.

After Being pounded by French air strikes, the Islamist
militants Have abandoned towns and melted away into the caves and deserts of northern Mali.

A French military commander warned last week of the risk of mines and booby traps in the insurgents' wake.

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