Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fleet Black Sea strengthens

Early 2014, a fourth type coastal battery "Bastion" must be deployed in the region of Anapa. It will greatly enhance the ability of anti-ship fleet in the Black Sea.

Three coastal batteries type "Bastion" are already deployed by Russia on the shores of the Black Sea (see diagram below). To recap, the coastal anti-ship system "Bastion" implements supersonic missiles P-800 Onix (SS-N-26 Yakhont, Mach 2.3, range 300 km ballistic firing and firing 120 km Direct Mach 1.5 to 1.7, see photo below). The fourth battery will receive new blocks in the guidance system which should enable it to deal with ground targets. Changes began this winter with the aim that the battery is ready for the end of 2013 into early 2014 staffing in the arsenal of the Black Sea Fleet. The battery will be assigned to the 11th Brigade autonomous missiles and coastal artillery itself attached to the 25th Division autonomous missile storage facilities which are located in the village of Utach, near Anapa (Krasnodar krai ).

Coastal defense system "Bastion"
Source: Air Power Australia

Full deployment of such a battery from Sochi allow the Russian fleet to cover all coastal Georgia.Capacity building of the 25th Division autonomous missiles would also, according to unofficial sources, for cons-balance the deployment of Patriot batteries in Turkey. Russia has delivered to Syria two batteries "Bastion" in 2010-2011 that are operational . Delivery of equipment, intended in particular to protect Russian naval facilities in Tartus, then had sparked protests in Washington, Ankara and especially Tel Aviv .

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