Friday, February 1, 2013

DGA delivers first VBCI felinise

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has delivered 23 January 2013 in the Army the first armored infantry combat (VBCI) capable of providing the support of a group of soldiers equipped with the Feline ( infantryman with integrated equipment and links).

The adaptation of the Feline VBCI offers mainly combatants can easily recharge the batteries of their power system and enables a better preparing their landing in permitting the use of the communication network inside the Feline VBCI. It demonstrates the flexibility of the system Feline has already been previously installed on armored vehicles before (VAB).

These two devices are emblematic of expertise and the high technological level of French industry. The VBCI is produced by the consortium formed by Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense. Sagem (Safran group) is the prime contractor for the system Feline.

The VBCI is a tank that meets current operational requirements of protection and scalability. All-terrain armored eight-wheel drive version of combat infantry is equipped with a 25 mm turret and allows the carriage of eleven soldiers. With a high level of protection, it is a true "base camp" for the infantryman. For its part, the system Feline brings a quantum leap in terms of protection, observation, communication, use of weapons, mobility and support fighters in direct contact with the opponent.

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