Saturday, February 2, 2013

Defense. Two frigates removed from service in 2013

After Tourville in 2011, the frigate De Grasse and Georges Leygues will also cease their activity in 2013. More than 500 sailors will redeploy in stride.

Two frigates anti-submarine iconic military port of Brest realize their last missions this year. Expected to be replaced by the Aquitaine multimission frigate, frigate De Grasse will be removed from active service during the second half of 2013. After the start, in 2011, Tourville, De Grasse was naturally on the start list for scrap.

Less than 100 sailors on the new frigates

But nothing was currently set around Georges Leygues, preserves well-known Jeanne d'Arc. The decision has been taken at the highest level. The first unit of the F70 series of live, next March, his last great mission training side of Building Projection and Command Thunder. His expected return to Brest in late July, after the mission Jeanne d'Arc2013 mark the end of this career frigate. Total stopping these two frigates will redeploy more than 500 sailors, a proportion not provided will be reassigned to Brest, particularly in the service of "reach back" support staff responsible for future multimission buildings. Note that deal with 250marins frigates "old generation", all the new multimission frigates operate with less 100marins. Finally, at the end of 2013, the port of Brest will have another four frigates anti-submarine: the new Aquitaine, Primauguet, La Motte-Picquet and Latouche-Treville.

Last half around the world

These frigates are primarily used to secure movement of nuclear submarines based in Long Island, in the harbor of Brest. While Georges Leygues end his long career in beauty, after a great five-month deployment, the De Grasse will loop until the commissioning of Aquitaine, its traditional missions in the Atlantic.

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