Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chinese Naval Ships Accused of Using Radar on Japanese Destroyer in East China Sea

Japan is accusing Chinese naval ships of using a weapons-targeting radar on a Japanese destroyer and helicopter in the midst of intensifying territorial clashes between the two Asian countries.

Japan’s Defense Ministry stated that the Chinese vessels used the weapons radar twice, towards the end of January. The incidents reportedly occurred in the East China Sea, near disputed islands controlled by Japan but also claimed by China.

No shots were fired on either occasion, but this could have led to a dangerous situation. Japan has since called on China to end such activities.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry filed a formal protest with China; China said it would look into the alleged incidents. Japanese officials waited to report the incidents because it took time to authenticate the source and nature of the radar allegedly used by the Chinese frigates, reported the Seattle Times.

Chinese maritime surveillance vessels have frequently entered Japanese-claimed waters around the disputed islands since last September, when Japan's government nationalized some of the territories.

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