Tuesday, June 26, 2012

War of words between Ankara and Damascus

              An officer shows where the fighter was shot by Turkish Syria in international airspace.
Syria reiterated Monday that the Turkish airliner shot down by its air defenses had violated its airspace. She warned NATO that meets Tuesday in this regard against any "aggression" against its territory "sacred."

Ankara, which accuses Damascus of having shot down without warning in international airspace, presented an official protest note to Syria, which denied any aggression on his part.

"The Turkish military aircraft violated Syrian space, the Syrian air defenses fired back and (the camera) crashed inside the Syrian territorial waters. What happened is a gross violation of Syrian sovereignty, "said the spokesman of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Makdessi Jihad.

Syria "knew" the nature of the target shot Friday, he said. Several Western countries, the United States and France in the lead, rallied in the crisis, saying the incident "unacceptable." NATO organizing a meeting Tuesday in Brussels at the request of Turkey.

A "test" for NATO

According to Russian experts quoted by the state agency Ria Novosti, the Turkish F-4 Phantom shot tested the Syrian air defense on behalf of NATO and its destruction has shown the effectiveness of which is Russian Equipped Syria.

In addition, a new aerial incident between Syria and Turkey, which caused no casualties or damage, took place over the Mediterranean after the destruction of the Phantom, according to a European diplomatic source.

Meanwhile, a Syrian general came to Turkey with two colonels and 30 other soldiers and their families or a group of nearly 200 people, according to Turkish news agency Anatolia. This new door defection to thirteen the number of deserters Syrian generals in the country.

Difficult situation in Homs

Overall, Turkey is home in the south more than 33,000 Syrian refugees, and the direction of the Syrian Army free (ASL), founded by deserters from the regular army and the Syrian National Council meetings (CNS), the main coalition of Syrian opposition.

On the ground in Syria, the toll of violence ever gets heavier as the bombing intensified the army against rebel strongholds. At least 41 people were killed Monday, according to a Syrian NGO.

Sunday, repression and fighting between army and rebels have killed at least 91 killed, including 59 civilians, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH).

The situation seemed particularly difficult to Homs, where people have appealed for help relayed by the Syrian National Council, (NSC), the main opposition coalition, "we are the target of continuous bombing and ruthless, by rocket launchers, military helicopters, mortars, tanks and heavy weapons. "

Sergio Pinheiro on site

ICRC president Jakob Kellenberger reaffirmed his organization to enter the center of Homs, after two failed attempts last week.

A member of the International Independent Investigation Commission of Syria established by the UN is from this weekend in Damascus where he was received by senior representatives of the Syrian regime, said Monday the UN and diplomatic sources . Paulo Sergio Pinheiro has obtained for the first time permission to visit Syria since the establishment of the commission.

On the diplomatic front, the EU adopted fifteenth set of new sanctions against the regime in Damascus, which seek new businesses and government extend the embargo on arms sales. France has called for such measures are "further", notably by banning imports of phosphates of Syria.

In Saudi Arabia, members of the executive committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have recommended the suspension of Syria of the organization, and its secretary general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Turk, has warned the possible repercussions the region of a civil war in Syria.

Another aerial incident?
A new air incident between Syria and Turkey, which has no injury or property damage, occurred over the Mediterranean after the destruction of a fighter aircraft F-4 Turkish killed Friday by Syria, said Monday a European diplomatic source. A Casa CN-235 aircraft search and rescue of the Turkish army who participated in the research of the two pilots of the F-4, was referred by a system of Syrian air defense, the last stage before the opening of fire, the source said.

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  1. I hope that the Turkish government will continue to handle this the diplomatic way.



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