Thursday, June 28, 2012

CRAB Combat Reconnaissance Armoured Buggy Panhard - France

The CRAB, Combat Reconnaissance Armoured Buggy, is a new concept of combat armoured vehicle, able to be used for a large range of missions: raids, recce, security, area control, and support to Special Forces operations.
The CRAB includes a couple of cutting-edge technologies: a survival cell with a high level of protection, and a remote controlled weapon system. Its very high all-terrain speed, its agility, and its manoeuvrability. Its low weight increases the yield of airlift deployments (3 CRABs in an A400M).
Crew: 3
Length: 5.00 m
Width: 2.50 m
Height (without any weapon): 1.80 m
Gross vehicle weight rating: 10.000 kg
Wheel base: 3.25 m
Maximum speed: 110 km/h
Angle of approach: 66°
Angle of egress: 60°
Road clearance: 0.40 m
Gradient: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Fording: 1 m
Range: 800 km
Amphibious: no
Engine (EURO 3 turbo diesel): STEYR M13 320 hp + electric booster
Engine power: 235 kW at 3800 rpm
Maximum torque: 630 Nm at 2300 rpm
Gearbox: automatic Mercedes 6
Suspension: hydro-pneumatic and variable attitude

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