Thursday, June 28, 2012

The United States invited Russia and India to participate in the Central Pacific military exercise intended for the Chinese

he United States sounded the “assembly” in the Pacific. June 27 to August 7, led by the United States, “Pacific Rim 2012″ joint military exercises will be held in the waters near Hawaii. U.S., Japan and Australia, the United States, Japan military exercises smoke has not cleared, the Stars and Stripes but can not wait to usher in the fifth of June, “on stage”.
compared with 2010, the last exercise, this exercise is not only the number of participating countries soared to 22, and in some countries, including Russia, India, as the “New Partnership” by the invited participating, including lack of independence figure in China. Careful person can easily find the 2010 Pacific Rim exercise United States later the wording was “against China and other emerging military power. Today, Russia and India participated in the exercise, the exercise is for a number of conventional submarine power “countries, the sight of the United States should aim at who I am afraid that is self-evident.
In this regard, the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet’s spokesman argued that the reason why the invitation of Chinese participating, because “some ban hindered China’s participation in U.S. military operations”. However, China has been invited as observers to the “Valiant Shield 2006″ military exercises, this perspective, the statement self-contradictory remarks seem flimsy. Moreover, obstacles to Sino-US military exchanges, to create “trust deficit”, it is precisely the irresponsible act of infringement upon China’s core interests. Today, the United States Congress, military institutions to “ban” Chinese “shut out”, only highlights even more the United States with ulterior motives.
In fact, the U.S. strategic center of gravity eastward, China long position: China welcomes the United States to play a constructive role in Asia-Pacific, especially in the current global economic downturn, countries in serious need of heating. But the question is what is the intention of the United States? From the current point of view, the U.S. claimed 60 percent of the Navy’s military power is deployed in the Asia-Pacific, pull Burma pulled India to send the aircraft carrier to visit the Philippines, Vietnam, and, more recently, Thailand as a public relations focus, desire to return to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, military bases series of actions which do not bring any benefit to the region’s peace and development, on the contrary just pick aroused doubts and anxiety. Say that the economic interests of Asian countries did not share from the United States to what – the pushing of the TPP in the “cloud” stage, far behind the free trade area between Japan and South Korea and ASEAN, and other East Asian countries, and have actually The United States’ own military products to sell “off gas” earned a lot of money.
need to pay attention to the South China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands issue recently is gradually warming up, with the United States to “return to Asia-Pacific” is closely related to the large background. Moment in the international balance of power changes, the strategic adjustment of the United States pay more attention to the “smart power”, and hopes to win over allies to fight the charge, rather than speak out their own head. In this exercise, transferring part of the exercise command, it seems that the allies have “Falls. But the history of international relations and reality tells us: When the “pawn” small country for a big country, the harvest is often bitter fruit, such as Georgia, Russia grid conflict. The day before in military exercises, U.S. Pacific Commander Locke Montreal in Beijing to meet with Chinese Defense Minister Liang communication, which is obviously not a coincidence, the United States did not want to stand directly on the opposite side of China. “Painstaking” Asia-Pacific countries may not be aware of. Some insight in Vietnam, said recently that the Vietnamese are reluctant to Washington’s interests and the top in the first line against China; India brewing “hand in hand” exercises with China.
Pacific Rim military exercises between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War began in 1971. 40 years later, at sea flying the Stars and Stripes, but it still carries the Cold War mentality, it is a bit outdate

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