Friday, June 29, 2012

IMR-3M obstacle clearing vehicle Rosoboronexport - Russia

The IMR-3M engineer combat vehicle is intended for supporting troops advancing through areas destroyed by nuclear or conventional attacks and for carrying out missions on terrain contaminated by residual nuclear radiation or chemical warfare agents, as well as during rescue operations after natural and man-made disasters including accidents at atomic power stations.
The IMR-3M is a tracked armoured vehicle developed essentially from the T-72 MBT. A specific turret is mounted in the middle of the vehicle hull. A knuckled arm and a machine gun are installed in the turret. The TO1-KO4 fire control sight system makes it possible to provide accurate fire against ground targets at a distance up to 2000 m and air targets up to 1500 m.
Besides, the machine gun can destroy mines on the ground surface at a distance up to 60 m.
The vehicle special equipment includes a beam, general purpose bulldozing kit and track mine plough.
The ful rotating beam includes a telescopic knuckled arm. The arm can be used as a ripper, face and back digger, a clamshell (while digging out loose materials) or as a spreader (while loading heavy rocks and tree cutting).
The bulldozing kit can be used in double-breasted, bulldozer and grader modes with the crew staying inside the vehicle.
All manipulations are performed by using control panels installed in the driver's cabin and operator's turret. If necessary, the operator can operate the beam by using a remote panel.
The vehicle equipment enables to:
  • fill ditches, trenches, shell-holes
  • make crossover tracks and exit roads on slopes and river banks
  • break trails on ordinary ground, in forests and mountains, as well as on snow virgin lands
  • make passages and clear the debris in wreckages of I-III categories
  • dig the ground and load it in containers and vehicles
  • dig out bomb shelter exits
  • Plow up soils of I-IV categories (with some stones)
  • cut trees and pull stumps
The IMR-3M mine plough  can perform mine sweeping on soils of I-IV categories, as well as sweeping for mines fitted with proximity magnetic fuses.
The vehicle is equipped with a radio communication set and an intercom for crew members, as well as with fire extinguishing and radiation protection equipment. The IMR-3M vehicle is capable of conducting operations day and night, in any season and weather.


Crew: 3
Weight: 48 t
Maximum speed on highway: 60 km/h
Average speed on soil road: 30 - 40 km/h
Range: 500 km

Working capacity

Braking trails on ordinary ground: up to 12 km/h
Fitting ditches, craters, ravines and other obstacles: 350 - 360 m³/h
Making passages in forest wreckages: 350 - 400 m/h
Making passages in stone wreckages: 280 - 350 m/h
Breaching minefields: 5 - 12 km/h
Boom capacity: 2000 kg

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