Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Piranha 5 wheeled armoured personnel carrier General Dynamics

Highly mobile, armoured multi-role wheeled vehicle with a high payload and a large utilizable internal volume.
Protection against current threats. Modular adaptable integrated protection layout which can be tailored against future emerging threats. An economic Fuel Efficient Drive train System (FEDS) and the high performance diesel engine up to EURO V compliance provide the expected power and operating ranges. Growth potential for hybrid boost power.
The semi-active hydro-pneumatic suspension system with height management control enable highest mobility and excellent ride comfort for the crew. Open vehicle architecture with health/usage monitoring system.


Number of seats: 3+8 
Overall length: 8.00 m
Height over hull: 2.34 m
Overall width: 2.99 m
Angle of approach: 45°
Angle of departure: 35°
Empty weight: 17.0 t
Payload: 13.0 t
Gross vehicle weight: 30.0 t
Maximum speed (on road): 100 km/h
Creep speed: 3 km/h
Gradient: 60%
Maximum side slope: 40%
Fording depth: 1.50 m
Trench crossing capacity: 2.00 m
Turning circle (curb-to-curb): 15.0 m
Range on roads (mix of road/off-road driving): 550 km
Engine (type): MTU
Engine (fuel): diesel
Engine (performance): 430 kW (580 hp)
Engine (torque): 2000 Nm
Transmission (type): ZF-Ecomat
Transmission (mode of operation): automatic
Transmission (number of gears): 7+1 reverse
Protection: Modular integrated protection layout. Baseline vehicle is designed for the highest level of protection against mine and IED threats. Latest shielding technology against EFP threats. Add on armour for different protection levels with coverage > 95%.

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