Monday, June 18, 2012

Type PG99 35 mm twin barrel anti-aircraft gun Poly Technologies - China

The 35mm twin barrel anti-aircraft gun Type PG99 is a low altitude air defence weapon system, which is an effective part of air defence network.
It is mainly used against low altitude and hedgehopping targets within 4.000 m slant range, or light armoured targets and landing crafts within 4.000 m. The weapon system consists of an Anti-aircraft gun, a mobile power station and an optional fire control radar.


Caliber: 35 mm
Barrels: 2
Muzzle velocity: 1.175 m/s
Rate of fire: 550 x2 rds/min
Maximum slant range: 11.000 m
Effective slant range: 4.000 m
Effective vertical range: 3.000 m
Traverse: 360°
Elevation/depression (manual): +95° / -8°
Elevation/depression (electric): +92° / -5°
Maximum aiming speed (traverse): 120°/s
Maximum aiming speed (elevation): 60°/s 
Minimum aiming speed (traverse): 0.04°/s
Minimum aiming speed (elevation): 0.04°/s
Maximum towed speed (road): 80 km/h
Maximum towed speed (cross-country): 30 km/h
Power station: 40 kW

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