Monday, June 18, 2012

Giant Bow II Air Defence System - Norinco China

In response to modern air threats produced by low-level aircrafts, attack helicopters and UAV, as well as by long-range cruise missiles and low flying stand-off precision guided missiles that may involve high speed and/or small RCS characteristics, NORINCO proudly presents new generation of air defence solution, the GIANT BOW II air defence system.
GIANT BOW II air defence system comprise GIANT BOW battery command vehicle (BCV), AS901A 3-D post target designation radar, GIANT BOW SAM launchers with TY-90 SHORAD missiles, and towed GIANT BOW twin 23 mm fully automatic AA guns with two types of ammunitions, as well as neccesary combat support vehicles. GIANT BOW II air defence system is the ideal high performance, reliable and cost-effective solution to low-level air defence.
  • Multi-layer air defence combines high firing rate, fully automatic 23 mm AA gun with advanced SHORAD missiles
  • Autonomous local air situation awarness
  • Multiple target engagement capability
  • Cooperative engagement combat (CEC) capability
  • Excellent ECCM and all-weather operational capability
  • Cost-effective upgrading solution to traditional manually operated 23 mm AA gun

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