Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turkey delivers warfare training system to S Korea

SEOUL - Havelsan, a major Turkish simulator maker, built and delivered South Korea’s first Electronic Warfare Test and Training Range (EWTTR) system at a military base in the country on June 21, a senior Turkish procurement official who attended the ceremony said.
The contract, signed in April 2009, called for the completion of the $101 million deal within 36 months and was concluded on time.
The system produces simulations of air threats to South Korea, including the Soviet SA-3, SA-6, SA-8 and GD missiles and the Chinese Radtec radar systems, which the country is threatened with from its main enemy North Korea.
The general design and architecture of the system, the command and control and the threat instrumentation were built by Havelsan and the threat environment was constructed by other subcontractors in the project.
The EWTTR features various fully instrumented and integrated actual weapons systems, various threat emitter simulators, entirely modular structures, artillery and missile simulation, various post-flight evaluation reports and continuous development capability based on needs and requirements. All weapon systems in the EWTTR offer real-time data collection, data recording and visualization in a 3-D environment.
Havelsan has been making similar defense systems for the needs of the Turkish military and has signed a contract to build an EWTTR system for Pakistan.
Leading Turkish and Korean officials took part in the system delivery ceremony June 21.
This system, built by Havelsan for South Korea, is one of the largest defense contracts of the company and Turkey.

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