Monday, June 25, 2012

Taiwan media said the Chinese tanks will receive the low-end market dominance

                           Figure: made in China, the new foreign trade main battle tanks.
Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily “reported on June 24, said Sudan’s network transmission system of 96 tanks destroyed a South Sudan, the Russian-made T-72 tanks, although not been officially confirmed, but the media said the Chinese tanks is becoming a Third World with lower prices and better quality characteristics, the new darling.
Hong Kong media said, in E Tanke in the international arms market “at war” for a long time, and the Chinese tanks “gains” a lot. China’s new export-oriented tank VT-1A was defeated in the tender of the Moroccan army in 2010 T-90S, has won 150 orders. The United States, “Strategy Page” Web site reported that in China the MBT-2000 in Myanmar and Bangladesh, each priced at about $ 5 million. T-72 tank MBT-2000 with advanced information warfare system capable of effective restraint on the battlefield, the lack of reliable supporting command system. Russia “Moscow Defense magazine, 2010, Russia sold only 20 T-90S tanks, 30 plus in 2011 to Uganda, a total of less than the export volume of tanks over the same period.
Hong Kong media said that if the buyers love a bargain, China provides a simplified version of the 85-IIM tank; If you want cost-effective, the MBT-2000 tanks (VT-1A). Taiwan, “Asia-Pacific defense magazine analysts said, the next decade, the Chinese tanks in the invincible position in the low-end market.

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