Monday, June 25, 2012

India will change the T55 tank infantry fighting was nicknamed the furniture van

Indian army, especially the vast majority of the Army’s equipment is purchased from Russia a few years later, the equipment gradually. old and outdated. India to spend the majority of military spending on the Air Force and Navy who do not have much money to buy a new ground-based weapons, so they think of an inexpensive, but can basically meet the Army needs another way – modification of existing equipment.
Recently, India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), held in Bangalore, the research center, a small range of self-development weapons exhibition of achievements, a body boxy tracked heavy infantry fighting vehicles to attract a lot of Indian senior officials of the eyes, which is India’s launch of the DU – IFV is heavy infantry fighting vehicles. Its appearance is too Founder of the Indian army officers dubbed “furniture van.
DU-IFV is infantry fighting vehicles developed by the DRDO and the U.S. United Defense Ground Systems Division (UDS) to the Ural mechanical vehicle plant is also involved in the post-development work.
the original intention of the project is the development of a highly cost-effective in the Russian T-55 medium tank (gradually retired from the Indian Army) on the basis of infantry fighting vehicles. Kind of thinking and Israel T-54/55 tanks converted into the heavy 阿奇扎里特 infantry fighting vehicles almost exactly the same. In the development process, but also reference to the Russian BTR-T part of the design of the infantry fighting vehicles.
now come out of DU-IFV is infantry fighting vehicles is 6.9 meters long, 3.1 meters wide, 2.08 meters high, the fighting weight of 38 tons, 4 tons load. Vehicles require two crew responsible for operations (drivers and vehicles and Chairman of weapons operator), carrying nine infantry.
DU-IFV is the internal space is used as infantry fighting vehicles, is also very suitable for conversion into other uses of the vehicle, such as command and armored ambulances. On the basis of Russian-made T-55 tank chassis, crew capsule, suspension mechanism, running gear, engine intake and exhaust structure, as well as fuel storage and so on were redesigned.
of DU-IFV is the chariot of the front of the crew compartment and the rear board member compartment separated by a armor plate, tail equipped with an electric control to tilt down to open a springboard for the infantry and out. U.S. companies provide the Detroit 8V92TA diesel engine for the car to provide a strong driving force for up to 850 horsepower.
alleged that the protective capacity and tank of the car quite basic, the use of DRDO developed by “Hom Chang” composite armor (composition formula so far is still under confidentiality), also in the body external hanging explosive reactive armor, to further improve the defense force.
DU-IFV is also equipped with air filter and air conditioning systems, combat nuclear, chemical and biological conditions. In addition, the front engine design, engine compartment composed of a thick layer of protection for the vehicle occupant to provide additional protection capability.
Israel Lafayette will be responsible for DU – IFV is the weapon systems and observation systems. Although the kind of car to install only the remote control of a 12.7 mm caliber machine gun, but the DRDO officials said, but also plans for a single turret of the car is equipped with a 20 mm diameter, as well as supporting the thermal imager, laser rangefinder and light level television observation devices.
weapon systems suppliers may choose from these two countries, Israel or Russia. In addition, a number of other protective measures are planned, such as is considering the installation of AVIMOLWD2 laser warning receiver and smoke launcher.
taking into account the actual operations of the Indian armed forces need to DU – IFV is infantry fighting vehicles, independent operations are strong, independent fighting in the no external supplies 48 hours.

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