Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morocco will receive the upgraded M1 Abrams

We just tend to forget, but it does not take much for Morocco (31 million, a gross national product per capita 30 times lower than ours ...) has an armored force numerically superior to that of France. Rabat can now align in theory a fleet of several hundred T-72 and M60. The purchase of tanks in 2010 "Al Khalid" of Sino-Pakistani was also discussed. It is true that in the face, Algeria lines up for its fleet an impressive (on paper) with 325 T-72 plus an additional term to 300 T-90.

Morocco has now formalize a request for acquisition of 200 M1 Abrams directly from U.S. stocks and that would be charged at standard M1A1-SA (Special Armor). Moroccan demand also covers a large number of equipment (machine guns, radios, ammunition ...) and technical support undertaking that may increase the overall volume of the contract to more than one billion dollars. Like Leopard arsenals from German and Dutch, the Abrams continues a successful career on the second hand market. This benefits for the United States and who are the way to get rid of bulky stocks while turning their arsenal of Lima (Ohio) involved in the renovation materials. Significant consequence of this contract, the U.S. increased a little more military-industrial footprint in Morocco. A severe blow had already been struck in 2009 to the French influence with the sale of 24 F-16C / D in the Moroccan air force ...

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