Sunday, June 17, 2012

VN11 tracked infantry fighting vehicle - Norinco China

The VN11 tracked infantry fighting vehicle also know as the "ZBD04" or "Type 97" or "ZBD97" is newly developed by NORINCO on the basis of decades of rich experiences and significant domestic technology improvement.
The VN11 IFV is designed to transport seven armed soldiers and give direct fire support with 100 mm HE projectile, laser beam riding gun-launched ATGM, 30 mm APDS and HEI projectiles and 7.62 mm machine gun. Its highly effective weapon system can destroy moving or stationary targets such as tanks, armoured vehicles, fortified structure and effective targets under all-weather while the platform is stationary or moving.
The VN11 IFV features high mobility and full amphibious capability, with applique armour on the turret and hull, as well as collective NBC protection system and fire extinguishing/explosion suppression system, higher-level battlefield survivability can be achieved.
By adopting advanced integrated electronic system with various sensors, the VN11 has all-weather engagement, laser-warning, positioning and navigation and battlefield command capabilities. Thus it is indeed one of most capable and powerful IFVs to satisfy current and future needs in military operations.


Crew: 3+7
Combat weight: 21.5 t
Power-to-weight ratio: 25.2 hp/t
Length (gun forward): 7.52 m
Length (gun backward): 8.28 m
Width (with skirt): 3.30 m
Height (to turret top): 2.53 m
Maximum speed (on road): 70 km/h
Maximum speed (on water): 13 km/h
Cruising range: 400 km
Max gradient: 60%
Trench: 2.5 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.75 m
Ground clearance: 0.45 m
Engine: water-cooled, turbo charged V6 diesel engine, developing 404 kW at 2200 rpm
Armament (main): 100 mm rifled gun
Armament (ATGM): laser beam riding gun-launched missile
Armament (co-axial): 1x 30 mm cannon and 1x 7.62 mm MG
Ammunition (main): 41 rds
Ammunition (ATGM): 8 rds
Ammunition (30 mm): 500 rds
Ammunition (7.62 mm): 2000 rds
Gun elevation/depression: -6° to +60°
NBC: yes
Night vision equipment: yes
Smoke discharger: yes

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