Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ural-AZ, Mrapeur Russian

The manufacturer Ural, part of the GAZ Group, presented its first MRAP Eurosatory, between tradition and modernity, but closer it seems that the tradition of modernity ... The Ural-ZA is based on an old frame 6 × 6 which has been grafted an armored cab, extended by a transport compartment capable of receiving a dozen soldiers. The seats are placed in two rows backed to the wall. Access is by a wide rear door opening hydraulically assisted. The vehicle also offers tapes for roof and the possibility of installing a manned turret or a remote-controlled weapon. The vehicle was given to 24 tons, with an engine developing 450 hp and a six-speed automatic gearbox. According to its manufacturer, the Ural-ZA would provide protection against the tires of small arms, shrapnel and mines. We ask to see ... No level of protection corresponding to a NATO standard is given. The architecture of the truck is also very traditional, certainly with a sloping floor to deflect the blast of explosions, but still low to the ground. It is also easy to notice the low clearance of the undercarriage and the general lack of ground clearance vehicle. It is then in the presence of a real or a simple MRAP truck equipped with a concrete bunker?Ural announces that produced two prototypes and focus now on making a first preproduction batch.

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