Monday, June 25, 2012

TAPV 4x4 tactical armoured patrol vehicle Textron systems - Canada

Textron Systems Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) is a 4x4 wheeled armoured vehicle specifically engineered and designed to provide survivability, mobility and versatility across the asymmetric battlefield over the full spectrum of operations.
The comprehensive, modern design is aimed at shielding troops from roadside bombs and blasts while providing large power reserves for future electronics enhancements, with an ergonomically designed interior for optimum comfort and payload. The vehicle has been tested extensively to confirm ballistic, blast, mobility and reliability levels that meet or exceed the Canadian TAPV requirements.
Textron Systems’ TAPV offers off-road and urban maneuverability, allowing it to serve in both offensive and defensive capacities. The vehicle is designed with a focus on ergonomics and interior layout options for multiple mission capabilities.
This allows configuration for patrol, convoy protection, command and control, utility, mortar carrier, ambulance or personnel carrier missions. Further, given its mobility, the vehicle is an exponentially more difficult target for insurgents emplacing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along roadways.
With a focus on crew protection, mobility, performance and payload, Textron Systems’ TAPV is the game-changing solution for Canada’s national security requirements for the next 25 years.


Crew: 1 driver, 1 commander, 1 gunner, up to 4 dismounts
Gross vehicle weight: 17.237 kg
Curb weight: 14.742 kg
Length: 6.81 m
Overall width: 2.69 m
Height (top of hull): 2.29 m
Ground clearance: 0.635 m
Armament: gunner's protection kit or RWS
Tires: Michelin 16.00R20 XZL with Hutchinson run flat inserts
Supspension: fully independent front and rear, upper and lower control arms
Engine: Cummins QSL 365, 365 hp
Transmission: Allison 6-speed
Survivability: protects against direct and indirect weapons, mines and IED's
Situational awareness: unaided 360 degrees

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