Friday, June 15, 2012

THE SOUVIM 2: System improvements Route Opening undermined (SOUVIM)

The system SOUVIM 2 mission to open and mark out routes mined in the rear area of ​​conflict. All of the demining mission is accomplished by deception, that is to say best represents the target of the mines.
The system now consists of a vehicle decoy and markup (VLB) towing a trailer first d├ęclencheuse mine (RDM), followed by a tractor trailer (VTR) and two other RDM. The first vehicle was seen to exert much less pressure on the ground. The width of the route recognized also increased, now ranging up to 3.90 m.
On a top speed of detection of 20km / h, the SOUVIM 2 is able to open a route of 150 km in 8 h, a width of 3.90 m.

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