Thursday, June 21, 2012

SELEX Elsag Signs Contract with Brazilian Army to Upgrade SISTAC Tactical Communications System

SELEX Elsag, a Finmeccanica company, has signed a contract with the Brazilian Army completing the upgrade of the SISTAC tactical communications system. This award follows, and completes, the agreement signed at the beginning of 2011, encompassing an overall investment of over €5 million and a three-year extended guarantee. The upgrade activities will be completed at the beginning of 2013.
SISTAC is a shelter-based system for tactical communications, which will be deployed throughout the region under the jurisdiction of Comando Militar do Sul to provide support to the Brazilian Army Third Division.
SISTAC has been in operational use with the Santo Angelo First Communication Battalion in Rio Grande do Sul since 1998. It is the first system of this type to be acquired by the Brazilian Armed Forces. It comprises a multi-service integrated digital communications network, able to support voice and data services, both coded and uncoded, and to interface with external networks and single channel radio systems. As a result of the comprehensive upgrade, the new version can make use of next-generation radio links, multi-service switch routers, crypto devices, and an advanced network management system. All these elements create a data-focused architecture, which represents the first significant step in the implementation of Network Enabled Capabilities within the Brazilian Army.
Brigadier General Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto, Commanding Officer of the Brazilian Army’s Communications & Electronic Warfare Center (CCOMGEX), says: “The implementation of the second upgrade phase of the Third Division Tactical Communications System (SISTAC/3rd Division) is the result of a continuous process of technological renewal and investment adjustment within the Command & Control (C2) area. This is necessary to raise the Brazilian Army’s communications to a state-of-the-art status.”
SELEX Elsag has been operating in the Brazilian market since the end of the 1990’s, through its branch SELEX Communications do Brazil. The presence in the territory has provided the basis for success, since it allowed co-operate with customer by offering solutions able to meet its needs and creating the best conditions to foster business continuity. SELEX Elsag provides the Army with area tactical communications systems and supports both Army and Navy Special Forces operations through global solutions, which are able to meet the Armed Forces’ needs in any kind of activities also outside the traditional defense tasks.
With a wide range of solutions for communications, automation and security, SELEX Elsag deals with a range of professional civil areas within the country, such as Public Administration (Post Offices, Regional Governments, Police Forces, etc.), Transport (underground, buses, railway) and in private companies within the oil, electricity and utilities sectors

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