Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Russia is behind in Western Asia: forcing the U.S. military focus to shift to East Asia

Recently, Syria has again been the world’s attention, not only as the key place of East and West wrestling and, more importantly, the survival of Syria may become the turning point of another protracted confrontation.

the Syrians shot down a Turkish warplanes event, created some problems between Syria and Turkey, but the significance of this move was extraordinary! West will focus on Syria’s decision is likely to change.

Russia, backed by the West no way under the mouth
Syria, China and Russia are taking to support Syria’s position. West by the encirclement of Syria by the no-fly zone and other ways and means, all work! Russia secretly behind and military aid, and even Iran of sending troops to the West not only can not find a staunch ally to help Western agents to fight a war in West Asia, what is more, the West gradually discovered themselves have no ability to control Syria’s process!

data for: G20 summit the United States and Russia President

and this shot down a Turkish aircraft to Syria, the West felt a fear – Syria is not Libya, Syria away from the geographical country is too close! The support of Russia and Iran, and China’s support, are so Syria can not become a nut to crack!
Syrian aircraft shot down Turkey NATO only in an Asian country, the NATO military intervention legislator, resulting in an incalculable blow.
while the West is powerless, will lead directly to the West began to shift the focus on Syria. So as a bridgehead of Russian around Europe and North Korea as a bridgehead of China in East Asia, between the two do have the same purpose.
recently, the United States in East Asia and West Asia, are being taken to the coordinated operations to divide Russia and China ready to counter the United States and the United The Syria tough shot down a Turkish fighter, just that Russia’s support for Syria is successful!
then in the West think that after Syria are not wanted, and may cause serious consequences for the entire region against the U.S., then the U.S. will turn to give birth to an incident in East Asia?

More recently, military exercises between the United States and South Korea, it is able to describe the problem. And the reality also shows that the focus of the United States, and indeed has been transferred to the East Asian region

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the U.S. Journal of Exposure: China is once again a secret test-fired a new long-range anti-missile interceptor missile
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