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The outbreak of World War III: Who will stand the Chinese side

the saying goes: Men fear selecting the wrong line, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, officials afraid afraid of the wrong team with the wrong person, the country.
contemporary China, a good international image can not be said of China in World War I and World War II, the potential degree of trial, the correct choice, the correct “stand in” Results.
in the two world wars, the Chinese have carried out the correct stand to become the victors one, which is the great success of the Republic of diplomacy, “stand up” is of great significance. In this regard, we can not give a fair evaluation.
success of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the first in two big change in the era of international politics, the two world wars, the Chinese have carried out a correct stand.
First World War, China was just sent his laborers, and pay far less than the World War II, the harvest can not be compared with World War II, but is also very important: China, by a declaration of war machine, was abolished in one fell swoop on Germany and Austria all the old treaty, not only the termination of the momentum of the German expansion in China, they opened the first of its kind since spent about diplomatic.

came to the western front labor

was working Chinese labor

Paris and does not respect the victors interests, causing The people’s outrage, but it is the public outrage, so that the nationalist and civil rights (that is different from the ancient “sake” “Alien defense” concept of modern nationalism) appeared in China in the first climax. With the Paris Peace Conference to be ignored Chinese interests are valued at the Washington Convention, China is not only really recover the left by Germany’s invasion of China interests and advantage of the opportunity to open the continued widespread denunciation “to about” negotiations to obtain a series of achievements.

at the same time, although refused to sign peace treaty, but still the victors of identity in order to participate in “a war” and the Paris Peace Conference as an opportunity and started to intervene in international affairs, to participate in the multilateral political game, and active in the League of Nations, in sharp contrast with the late Qing China’s international isolation.
anti-fascist nature of the Second World War, China has participated in the party, both the victor and righteous, it goes without saying, is the First World War, justice was not World War II, but in international politics utilitarian, if China does not want to go to war or to participate in the other, the result will be very bad: If you do not war, it is impossible to take the opportunity to the German and Austrian waste, it is difficult to start it began about universal change. Participate in the other, just think of the old empire, the Ottoman Turkey in the war “the wrong team to come to what end, it is clear. Obviously, later proved that China’s choice is correct.

in February 1945, the Ya Taer meeting Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
World War II, if China by Wang Ching-wei and other pro-Japanese faction led astray, do not say when “Er Huangdi”, even as independent allies, got together with German, Italian and Japanese fascists , then the consequences could be disastrous: If Japan wins, then China, but also with South Korea under Japanese rule fairly, defeated China’s fate will be Biaosiman Empire also impossible! As for what the United Nations, one of the “top five”, it is not even think.
the Republic of China on behalf of China’s sovereignty the central government, including the Beijing government in 1927 before and after the Nanjing government, its diplomatic and international political behavior is quite successful. Especially with both Manhan arrogant blind vanity, ignorance, cowardice grovel, do not understand diplomacy also who do not understand the world situation in the Qing Dynasty, compared this period, China’s diplomatic progress is obvious.

as long as we look at a basic fact: since 1840 the Qing Dynasty, peace, reunification period longer than the Republic, in 1840 the Qing Empire and the powers, the disparity in power, no more than China early large, but the Qing Dynasty diplomatic basically a series of humiliating. Basically in a “troubled” national strength is relatively weak Republic of China to the Western powers to recover the rights and interests and resistance, these two aspects of Russia’s new aggression, but are the achievements of outstanding, this can not fail to give fair evaluation.

This may not be because they are more “patriotic”, but because of their more favorable bargaining position, but in any case, they are not “Er Huangdi, did not openly declare themselves the dependency of foreign forces. Their leaders also hope to get the support of the “friends” – including support for civil war and repression of domestic opposition, but after all these leaders do not need the approval of “international” and “distant” appointment.

strength is not strong, and their allies also suffered gas, but said the Chiang Kai-shek in Stilwell event for it, the war’s most critical juncture. is almost the only savior of the Americans, but also dare to contradict the (contradicting the right is another story), without obedience, if not for the elimination of doubt, of the US-led “initiative to meet the match up, go to the Snapdragon. China in the two world wars, the wrong team, which is not easy, because the long-term U.S. isolationist before Pearl Harbor, have no intention to “draw”, while Britain and France was seen as emerging power in Germany, the decline in the powers, on the rush to “rise” of China in terms of the charm of its lead, far better to come from behind, the success of “catching up” – when some of the world eager to turn over the old empire, such as the Ottoman Turkey and Spain, are more pro-German. The government in Beijing, Japan, Germany Nanjing government, has also been very large.

Chiang Kai-shek

this backdrop, the key change in the situation in China, why can select and common law rather than an alliance with Germany and Japan (a Although the Allied side in war, but the Chinese entered the war to support Britain and France, and Japan)?
the main reason, of course, the Japanese go too far, Germany is the ally of Japan; among the great powers, the United States in modern times to bully China at least, and in the Paris Peace Conference, the Washington Conference, China Rights Recovery Movement and war and other key issues, sympathy and support for China.

but it should be said that many KMT dignitaries Sun Yat-sen following the Anglo-American background, Britain and the United States after 1911 ‘revolution (especially the United States since Yung Wing in America movement and the Boxer Indemnity school) education the impact of early since the late Qing Xu Jiyu, Guo Songtao “anti-law of the Confucian” Democratic Republic of the good impression, but also played a role.

Chinese people to engage in a democratic republic, although not yet successful, “Chinese people are not unaware of the external will be selfish of democratic countries, but the yearning of the democratic republic, or significantly affect the Chinese The tendency in international politics, even radical on the goodwill of the Soviet Union, in a considerable extent related to this (many people regard the Soviet system was to imagine one of the most radical democracy). These potential factors can not be ignored.

between the two world wars, although the strength is too weak, is still (mainly the Russo-Japanese) to bully, but the widespread international sympathy for China. Japan, Russia and the Manchu, Mongol occupation, for long periods by the international community recognize that accept the fait accompli of international advocating power politics at the time, the habit is very rare.

before World War II, this sympathy looks weak, but Japan quit the League of Nations for the Soviet Union of the League of Nations known as the bad reviews (we also followed criticize the League of Nations, it now appears wrong), in turn, is proof, and this sympathy is not optional. Pre-war League of Nations after the people’s heroic performance in the war, sympathy, evolved into the post-war “joint national respect, which is the basis for China to become the” top five “.
the Republic of China armed forces of resistance to foreign aggression, epic, very tragic, but due to national strength and institutional issues, the battle is often difficult to satisfactory. Thus, the correct stand, it is especially important. As much as possible to maintain an independent and paid at least the cost of loss of national interests, and select the most likely winner in the standing utilitarian value the progress of civilization camp side of the camp victory to become China’s victory. It is such a choice, so one of the two to become the victors in the Republic of China is of great significance, “stand up”.

two “stand in”, to promote China’s national interests is very significant. As we all know, during World War II “stand in” China has become one of the five permanent members of UN Security Council (commonly known as the “top five”), this is a dream but so far not available on the number of developed countries for decades, and so far reflect the “stand up” a landmark event.
Generally speaking, the correct stand to benefit in the two world wars, the “stand up” is very critical. Today’s international economy is more developed than China, Germany and Japan, the population than the Soviet Union, the United States large development is very rapid in India, the same through the change from the decline of the old empire reborn re-emergence of Turkey with the United Nations “top five” missed , and China as early as 1945, have such a status, which is twice the correct choice undoubtedly played a crucial role. Let:
world if World War III, if they would be lucky enough to correct choices, standing on the side of justice and the winner camp? !
Third World War broke out, China is standing in a democratic country side? Is still on the anti-democratic country side? !

attacked, which country would stand the Chinese side? !

– the Chinese Hupenggouyou all over the world, who stand side of China?
Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably might be possible that North Korea will stand on the Chinese side? !

– but to say that North Korea give China to help the number of busy, it is absolutely expect. Not thankful to the Chinese trouble, but also long-term freeloader. North Korea for China to resist Korea? To fend off South Korea, what? Resist Korea’s invasion of Manchuria? People need to understand that I believe That argument, soft invasion of the DPRK on the Chinese never stopped, took half of the Tianchi, half Changbai Mountain and several islands, drug trafficking, printed counterfeit money, cross-border exiles leaving China suffer speechless ……
North Korea is a friend of the negative equity, will only drag China; strength and desire to help the Chinese, once China is something to be hopeless. Can you imagine the Korean People’s Army to go and recover the South China Sea islands.? Some would say that North Korea has atomic bombs, can be a deterrent Korea … South Korea will not be so foolish as to use force to achieve reunification on the Korean Peninsula, at most, like West Germany unified East Germany … including the Chinese fear most Korean hot-headed invasion of South Korea, called out of control … If North Korea to drop atomic bombs, and that China will be the first stop. North Korea’s atomic bomb certainly throw less than the United States certainly can throw.
Third World War, the Chinese attacked, and probably may be possible to Pakistan to stand on the Chinese side? !

– a lot of friends pipe Pakistan called bar iron, which means the relationship between iron. To involve India, Pakistan plays a key role. But in other areas to help, whether it is not economic or military. Moreover, Pakistan has its own problems piled up …
Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably might be possible to Cuba to stand on the Chinese side? !
– a friend of China Cuba (either military strength or economic strength) is too weak, if something happens let alone call it the money and guns, it will have to ask you to relief food! Second, too far away, the Chinese comrades enthusiasm for it is beyond the reach of. Cuban comrades friendship is very pure, but in addition to solidarity with Yiwusuochang.
Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably may be possible to Vietnam side of the Chinese side? !
– Vietnam This is a complex feelings of the Chinese people, because of the vagaries of people can not know what it will do next. -Vietnam relations seems to Hello. But in the South China Sea issue is difficult to reconcile. Vietnam is unreliable, and only fair-weather friends (meat and wine is always provided by the Chinese). This fell on the turn friends can only be used to make up the numbers, you can not take it seriously.

Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably might be possible that Russia will stand on the Chinese side? !
– Russia is a lot of people’s excitement, China and Russia join hands as if you could rule the world, at least, and the United States and Europe to rival. China can be considered a big man friends! Do not forget, a hundred years to take away most of China’s territory is Russia.

now not only big selling weapons to Vietnam and India, but also the Far East to deploy massive forces. Russia is in Japanese … Moreover, Russia’s political direction confusing, speculative foreign revealed beyond doubt in the Libyan war, you can count on Russia speak out for China in the Sino-Indian dispute? Support in the South China Sea dispute in China? I believe in the Syrian crisis, Russia will bring more exciting performances. Russia, a critical moment, unreliable, this is a lesson of blood.
Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably may be possible to Venezuela will be standing on China’s side? !

– Venezuela due to geography and the strength of the actual role played by the war on China during the almost negligible.

Third World War, the Chinese attacked, probably maybe might several African Congress standing on the Chinese side? !
– several small African country, a group of freeloader guy! Ate many years of no progress and insatiable … and what Zhiwangbushang, including the vote of the United Nations, due to the regime often change of now political direction is a mess ……
Third World War, China attacked, probably maybe might several other Congress standing on the Chinese side? !
– a number of other small countries: Macedonia is a friend of China? Not. Not accept Chinese assistance are China’s friends, white money white things who do not? Not to attend Olympics opening ceremony were friends, and most of them will attend the London Olympics. China and Iran, not allies, religious extremism, let shunned. Thailand dough, Myanmar is going farther and farther.
One person lamented that a friend of China now seems not only less, but low quality, strategic partner to sign a bunch of.
What is a friend? What irons friends? Whistle friends to own something directly involved in the hardcore friends something out of the gun, the general friend to send food money to support the back and called a friend! Ancient saying in China, holding a money market money, no money, holding the individual field, the war in Iraq, Japan, the United States sent a supply ship, oil tanker, free supply of logistical supplies; Libyan war, volunteered to Qatar and then with dry food war (of course, a little selfishness, but that such a small country it is already best!)
Imagine, if war breaks out, how many countries will help in China? There are several countries – can – help? The answer is probably zero. A friend of China is less true, this is very unfavorable is also a fact. After all, people say hello to five cowboys, three wolf dogs, you say hello to two people who hold your legs, said: “I’m hungry …”; people can hide behind the scenes, playing agent war; no curtain to hide, must be washed alone in the first line, you must come forward …

In fact, a friend really is not how much, depends on the force not to force Israel only the United States a loyal ally, the Islamic world has gone too far Israel Mozhe.
Hupenggouyou indeed all over the world, but the fruit if China suffered a war, no one Jagged friend!

China its Hupenggouyou, and in the end who is supposed to reflect the self-examination? !

the outbreak of World War III, China will be like before the two world wars, the correct stand?
China suffered a war, which the strength of the country will actually stand on the Chinese side?
Zaibao amazing insider: why the DPRK is suddenly dumbfounded right

China under the Black Hand’s Liberation Army deliberately exposed to the fourth branch of the equipment Dongfeng-31 missile forces the United States and Russia: F-20 to a huge surprise
Hong Kong media excited and rare: PLA divisions and brigades of dozens of troops to the U.S. Sword
caused to shock the world: China and Iran will use RMB settlement
People’s Liberation Army in the Diaoyu Islands the pit kill Day military China announced that nuclear technology was the major breakthrough
the Liang Guanglie ordered empty the Jun hit the F22: LANG=”EN-US”> fall China suddenly announced New span the LANG=”EN-US the” XML: LANG=”EN-US”> empty the war the mode
Chinese surprise: North Korea an unprecedented move Order World community sense !
laudatory improved F-10B surprise
England study, said the planet crashed into China The military showed the top technology shock the United States and Russia
Iran announced to the project of the national media position dumbfounded
CCTV careless exposed 100,000 tons carrier 3000 successful test flight of the world’s top
one week shoot Samsung all failed to Xinjiang, one hundred billion tons super oilfields
day exposure China 100,000 tons of heavy aircraft carrier foreign media said the South China Sea, China started working the
Jiangxi large number of the PLA build-up Shenyang Aircraft F-20 sisters fighter exposure
quite helpless: Japan finally admitted that the warship technology technical has fall after the China
Russian experts broke the news: the ingratiation China Putin in the end betrayed a What
shocked the world: China suddenly announced with 30 tons of large aircraft carriers

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