Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Military Option Possibel In Syria ( G . Westerwelle )

The German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, stated very clearly in an interview in Die Welt last Friday, which deserves a careful reading. There is no question - he said - of military intervention in Syria, or even an option. This subject there should not even be considered ... For him the solution must be political and diplomatic. And the situation can be compared with the situation in Libya. As he observed the title and the German newspaper: "Wir setzen auf Diplomacy"
The Federal Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, the move is currently (until June 8 in the region). On the agenda: Qatar, UAE, Turkey and Lebanon. Objective, as stated in the ministry: "be on site an idea of the situation and the dangers of regional contagion of violence in Syria" ... (NB: A very good idea. shame that this process is conducted " alone "and is not conducted in Troika with the Europeans ...).
No military option on the table 

" Francois Hollande has not entirely ruled out the military option, provided it is done under a UN mandate. We currently have from the assumption that there will be no such mandate. This is also why the federal government does not participate in discussions about military intervention in Syria, but continues to expect a political solution. " Asked about the presence of German soldiers, he replied, " I said what we want. I do not take part in speculation. "

The solution is political and requires Kofi Annan

"In this difficult situation, we must not give the impression that military action would be ideal for a quick settlement. The political and diplomatic efforts are extremely painful, but they must continue. The Annan plan, as special envoy of the joint United Nations and the League of Arab States, remains the best foundation for a political solution. "

No comparison with Libya

The minister refuses to compare Libya and Syria. " For many reasons, both countries are not comparable. In Syria, different religions and different ethnic groups play a role. The risk of Syria flare up is strong. The first signs of a contagion of violence in Lebanon in Syria cause us great concern . "

The risk of contagion requires caution

" We must put an end to violence and oppression of human beings. But we must also prevent the entire region from erupting into violence. However, this can only succeed if the international community to show solidarity. "" The bottom line is that we may lead a reasonable policy and we do what is necessary and possible. "

 Building on sanctions

"The regime of Bashar al-Assad knows, too, that a UN mandate is now improbable. It is good to avoid expectations that are not achievable. To weaken the Syrian regime, we rely on sanctions and on political and diplomatic actions, as recently expulsion of ambassadors of several European capitals Syrian. "

The solution of a transitional president

For Guido Westerwelle, the most likely hypothesis is a smooth transition in a semi close to a democratic power. " As in Yemen - despite all the difficulties that we know - it could be that the power is sent to Syria to a transitional president in charge of organizing a new beginning. We must be careful in discussing a military intervention, not to arouse expectations that ultimately are not feasible. "

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