Monday, June 11, 2012

NGRAIN Provides Counter-IED Training Systems to the Canadian Forces

The Department of National Defence has selected a number of NGRAIN solutions for counter-IED equipment. With these new 3D equipment simulations, Canadian Forces personnel will acquire the skills required to maintain and operate critical force protection equipment, such as EROC vehicles and Electronic Counter Measures devices, the company notes.
The Virtual Task Trainers are designed to reduce maintainer skill fade on force protection equipment, the firm adds.
More from NGRAIN’s press release:
The new series of force protection VTTs includes interactive simulations for the following types of EROC vehicles:
The Buffalo Vehicle
This mine-protected clearance vehicle uncovers IEDs and other threats with its extensible crane and large, claw-like “spork.” Because the vehicle is designed to maximize protection of its crew, disassembling its various components for maintenance is complex and labour intensive. The Buffalo Power Pack Removal Virtual Task Trainer and the Buffalo Transfer Case Virtual Task Trainer will allow soldiers to better visualize maintenance procedures and ultimately perform critical tasks more quickly. The VTTs will be used in the schoolhouse environment as well as by Combat Engineer units to keep the vehicles in serviceable condition. Both VTT solutions can be used as job aids to ensure soldiers continue following proper procedures while they are deployed.
The Husky
The Husky is a mine detection vehicle equipped with large Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) panels used to locate IEDs hidden by insurgents. The removal and installation of the GPR on the vehicle is a complex procedure that is both difficult to learn and practice. The Husky and the Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Virtual Task Trainer allows vehicle operators and technicians to acquire the skills required to safely and efficiently remove and install the Husky GPR. Specifically, the VTT will allow for system overviews, animations, and interactive models for exploration, observation and virtual practice. The solution will be used in a classroom by students for practical exercises and as an instructional aid.
DND has also selected NGRAIN’s Portable Counter Measures (PCM) Virtual Task Trainer and the Mobile Counter Measures (MCM) Virtual Task Trainer to enhance force protection equipment maintenance. The PCM (worn by soldiers on patrol) and the MCM (a vehicle-mounted device) are jammers that negate radio frequencies used to detonate IEDs.  The solutions will be used at the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics (CFSCE), in field units and during deployment to help operators and maintainers better understand the operations and maintenance of the equipment.
This series of force protection Virtual Task Trainer solutions is a part of a recent roster of VTTs acquired by the Canadian Forces. Another recent DND contract awarded to NGRAIN includes the Air Brakes System Virtual Task Trainer, which will be used by the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics (CFSAL) to train operators on the 31 steps necessary to safely operate an air brakes equipped vehicle.

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