Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LG4 40 mm multiple grenade launcher NORINCO - China

The LG4 40 mm revolve grenade launcher is a six-shot, lightweight, shoulder fired, semi-automatic grenade launcher.
It is mainly used to kill personnel targets and destroy light armoured vehicle within 400 meters. It features accurate and rapid firepower with direct and curved trajectory, and it is ideal infantry weapon for jungle, mountain and urban operations.
The LG4 40 mm revolve grenade launcher is usually aimed using an iron sight, and the advanced OS3A holographic sight is also available. It fires the widely used 40 mm low-velocity grenades, including HE, HEDP, smoke, incendiary and TP ammunitions.

  • It adopts gas operated automatic reload technology, which is an innovation presented by NORINCO
  • LG4 can be aimed using OS3A holographic sight, thus relizing quick aiming at the targets
  • It is fitted with automatic case ejection mechanism, and the pratical rate od fire reaches 18 rounds/min
  • Great safety and serviceability
  • Service life more then 2000 rounds


Calibre: 40x46 mm
Operation: gas, single shot
Feed: 6-chamber revolving cylinder
Weight (empty): 5.8 kg
Length: 726 mm
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s
Maximum firing range: 400 m
Trigger action mode: double-action only
Trigger action force: 40 to 50 N
Combat rate-off-firing: 24 rds/min
Service life: 2000 rds

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