Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Korea to build a naval base in the northernmost island from the DPRK only 10 km

South Korean Navy in November last year, apply to the Incheon city government, Yong Tianjin County paekyong, town village Xingang area of ??23,000 square meters of sea on the establishment of naval vessels dock and supporting shore-based facilities to respond to North Korea’s maritime “provocative”. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.
It is reported that South Korean navy in the 2010 near paekyong, the day the ship sinking and taeyonpyong shelling began to strengthen the military power of the Yellow Sea, five island, and promote the work of fishermen to protect. South Korea has been that these two incidents, Korea are the “mastermind”.
Korea Ministry of National Defense under the Defense facilities Part responsible for the construction of the naval base. Defense Facilities Division, sources said, will be the end of this month to begin sea construction work is expected to complete construction by the end of 2014. Cost of 42.5 billion won (about 233 million yuan).
According to reports, the naval base of the new construction of terminal facilities and support facilities, is expected to accommodate a squadron of troops (about 100). Land will be built for the life of officers and men living museum, a small pier, sports landscaping facilities and training fields.
reported that paekyong no berthing ships dock, so the construction of the South Korean Navy’s front line response to North Korean “provocation” without delay.
paekyong located in Incheon City, the northernmost islands of South Korea’s distance from North Korea’s recent island from the Korean Yellow Sea Road, just 10 km, belonging to the two Koreas disputed islands, North Korea and its sovereignty.

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