Friday, June 8, 2012

It starts the controversy simulation test on the F-35 fighter jet purchase

Seoul, June 7 (Yonhap) - A plan to conduct performance testing of the F-35 Lockheed Martin, using flight simulators, not a real test of a South Korean pilot, has stirred up controversy here, as Seoul is prepared to buy a fleet of advanced stealth fighters.
The F-15 SE of Boeing, Lockheed F-35 Eurofighter and EADS are competing to win a big business worth 10 trillion won (8.5 billion dollars) to sell 60 jet fighters to South Korea be chosen from a supplier in the month of October.
Performance tests on site are carried out in June for the F-35, in August for the F-15 SE and in September for the Eurofighter, according to officials of the Administration Defense Acquisition Program (DAPA, for its acronym in English), the South Korean state agency to purchase weapons.
While Boeing and EADS agreed to conduct performance tests through actual flights with a pilot aboard South Korean, Lockheed refused, saying that the radar evading fighter jet is not in service and is still in development .
Programming of test flights for the F-35 has been delayed, raising concerns about rising costs and that the aircraft may not be available until 2020.
Instead, the DAPA asked Lockheed to conduct performance tests with simulators and a pilot aboard a South Korean fighter differently and follow the path of the F-35, the official said.
The plan, however, has raised questions about the appropriate benchmarks

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