Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Israeli armouring firm teams with UK engineers to display RPG solution

At the DVD show in Millbrook last week Plasan Sas, the Israeli armour specialists, teamed up with British engineering firm Marshall Land Systems to display the Ultra FlexFence applique armour.

The innovative system is a lightweight solution to protect armoured vehicles from the RPG threat. Using “optimised” materials, Plasan says that FlexFence is the ultimate balance between cost, weight and performance for protection against RPGs. It also works without a stand-off, meaning the vehicle’s manoeuvrability is maintained and does not impair its performance.

Dani Ziv, Plasan's CEO, said: “The system represents a significant milestone in the quest for an effective defence for light vehicles against the scourge of RPGs. This new technology, based on the most cutting-edge materials, methods and engineering processes, safeguards the lives of soldiers on the battlefield by providing protection levels substantially beyond current standards - while adding the smallest possible weight to the vehicle.”

Plasan and Marshall Land Systems have been working together since signing a Joint Venture back in February 2010. The 50:50 JV is based in the UK and was created to boost Marshall’s armour design and manufacture capabilities to be more competitive in the UK market.

“Marshall Land Systems and Plasan are working closely together to provide UK MoD with the highest performing RPG protection solution available today,” said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems. “We are providing established program management and vehicle systems engineering expertise, whilst our partner Plasan provides the very best RPG defeat solutions.”

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