Friday, June 15, 2012

Early evaluation for Tiger HAD

The light aircraft of the Army is testing a prototype version of the Tiger support-Destruction (HAD).For eight weeks, this helicopter will be evaluated as a military environment to propose its adoption.

Since 2005, the Tiger is part of the equipment the Army.
Version support-protection (PAHs) of this helicopter was first fitted the Franco-German school (AFE) of Cannet des Maures and the fifth regiment of combat helicopters (5th RHC) and the 4th Regiment of helicopters Special Forces (4th HRTS).

The 37 aircraft delivered to date have already proven their effectiveness in day and night, in Afghanistan and Libya. But to maximize this efficiency, the overall operational needs of such weapons is 40 Tiger HAP and 40 HAD Tiger.

The light aircraft of the Army (ALT) is preparing to experience a new evolution with the arrival of the first Tiger HAD in its units from the end of 2012. Including assignments to resume destruction of armored targets, buried or high value. But first they must be tested.

A first device has been made available to the airmobile group of the Technical Section of the Army (GAMSTAT) for its technical and operational evaluation (EVTO) for a period of eight weeks.
During this period, four rounds of shots will be conducted at the test center of the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) on the island of Levant.

Moreover, on June 7, at thirty observers including General Commander Pertuisel ALT, the Tiger HAD successfully completed its first operational firing of air-ground Hellfire missile. Its range is 8 km and guided by laser designation.

At 11:59, a mixed crew GAMSTAT / EFA made the commander Brunette (shooter) and Captain Espelding (pilot) made this shot at 4200 m. 15 seconds after launch, it reached its target. A success.

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