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Chinese Academy of Sciences: give the country the power to fight air engine turnaround

by academicians Shi Changxu led organization academicians “of aircraft engines and gas turbine engineering consulting research report” was finally settled. Recently, this reporter learned from relevant departments, aircraft engines will be included in a major national science and technology projects, is organizing a discussion by experts.
“The next step is the most critical to further reinforce the technical basis to improve the R & D capabilities, and unswervingly follow the path of development of independent innovation.” Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Daxiang to accept the “scientific” reporter interview.
Liu ring that central government has clear instructions agreed to row a major national scientific and technological projects, determined to boost the aviation engine, which the bottleneck to speed up the development of China’s military and civilian aircraft engines, to address long-term constraints of the development of aviation industry issue of great strategic significance, “we must seize the opportunity to give the whole force, and resolutely fight the aero-engine ‘turnaround’,.
as soon as possible out of the generic “trap”
foreign designers is to design any kind of aircraft, there is what kind of engine; we have what kind of engine, what kind of aircraft design. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor Huang Chun did the aircraft designer, this deep experience.
Huang Chun accepted the interview of the “Science in China,” Reporters think of aircraft design by the constraints of the engine, now the engine has been recognized as the “bottleneck” of the constraints of the development of aviation equipment. This is mainly because of independent innovation of China’s aero-engine research work is not well continue to be pursued.
aircraft structural mechanics and composite materials experts, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shanyi to accept an interview with “China” reporter, said: “In the past our main eye out, aircraft engines to introduce, in the introduction of the foundation on the development, improvement or imitation. “
the early days of China’s economic underdevelopment, weak industrial base through the introduction of production and mapping of the imitation of foreign aircraft engines to meet the urgent need of troops and equipment, in line with the prevailing national conditions.” Liu Daxiang that.
the 1940s, the United States, the Soviet Union and China the development of the turbojet engine, but also from the purchase of UK patent imitation began. But they are only imitation round, quickly turned to the road of independent research and development.
our problem is that the introduction of patents or mapping generic engine model too much, the duration is too long; in the process of imitation, there is insufficient funding and effort a good grasp of the digestion and absorption, while engaged in a another round of introduction and imitation, but many of the key technologies and did not thoroughly understand, is often known, however I do not know why, “and thus to promote the role of independent research and development is more limited. And many of the introduced projects are often squeezed out or weakened the country’s independent research and work, take up a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Long-term mapping imitation thinking of, to some extent obstructed and hindered the self-development.
“the key technology of the aircraft engine is to spend a lot of money can not buy, especially with the continuous improvement of the level of modern technology, the complexity and integration of aircraft engines increased dramatically in the future to think through imitation to fully grasp the possibility of advanced engine technology is getting smaller and smaller, and would like to take this pathway toward independent research and it is very difficult, “Liu Daxiang stressed.
“unswervingly follow the road of independent innovation and development is an inevitable choice for radical aircraft ‘heart disease’.” Liu Daxiang believe that only ruthless determination in the selection of several major national science and technology projects great significance and leading role in the civil and military engines, has completed the entire process of independent research in order to pass the Belden can be truly complete mapping of imitation to independent research and strategic change.
respect for the power first regularly
Today, China’s aero-engine development has caused people great concern to accelerate the development come to a consensus. But how to take what measures to follow what the law and the aero-engine in order to get rid of the backward hat “cocoon”?
adhere to the power first, to strengthen the pre-study effectively to lay the foundation to improve the capability of independent innovation, develop exercise a high level of scientific and technical personnel. “Liu big ring said, which is the foreign aviation engine to speed up the development of a basic law.
According to reports, the foreign second-generation fighter development cycle for 5 to 7 years, the engine for 7-8 years; the development cycle of three generations of fighters for 10 years, the engine for 10 to 15 years; four generations of fighters period of 10 years, the development cycle of the engine as long as 15 to 18 years or even longer.
back in 1980, Auditor-General of the United States to testify to Congress, once said: “The development of the new engine requires more than the airframe a long time, if the latter is to determine the progress of the factors, both not should start at the same time. “
In fact, aviation developed countries has long been to give priority to the development of aircraft engines as a national policy as a national high-tech strategic industries and to give a lot of financial support.
Liu Da-ring pointed out, the aircraft engine itself is a separate and complex systems engineering. Because of the difficult investment cycle is long, high risk, in order to meet the progress of the development of the airplane, the engine must be the first project developed in order to catch up with the progress of the aircraft.
so-called “power first”, the main engine-speaking pre-research, materials, technology, infrastructure conditions of the construction should take the lead, but also to advance the core machine/validation machine verification; but in transferred to the model developed in combat skills and a clear indicator of the premise, you have to do a good job in the integrated design of the aircraft and engine, and continue to do a good job matching and coordination of the two.
In addition, adhere to the core unit derived series development is an important technical means of aero-engine research and development. Almost every type of new research engine should be using for decades to go through the continuous improvement of the modified and derivative development, performance, reliability, durability, continuous improvement, and the formation of a broad range of applications engine series in order to better meet the multi- aviation equipment to develop the demand for power.
such as the United States to the core engine of the F101 engine as the basis to derive the development of the F110, of CFM56 two series of military and civilian turbofan engine; while the CFM56 and the development of a dozen type, equipped with ten Several military and civilian aircraft.
held the power of the country to adhere to independent innovation is the only way
Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Xu Jianzhong, that, in order to narrow the gap with the world’s air power, must be in advance and carried out independently high-performance aero-engine development work, must pay special attention to basic research, to strengthen the key technologies.
Xu Jianzhong, introduced the development trend of the aviation engine to further improve the military aircraft engine thrust to weight ratio, and to improve civil aviation engine reliability, economy and environmental protection, R & D quiet and clean the engine, but also to study the multi- electricity or electric engine, smart engine, supersonic military and civilian engines and a new concept engine.
“In order to reverse the backwardness of air power should be based on the main problems of aero-engine, identify the root cause, the right medicine.” Liu Daxiang that.
to further reinforce the technical basis to enhance the capability of independent innovation; To select a few representative engine to finish the whole process of independent research, an early settlement of self-protection of civil and military engines; three engage in good infrastructure construction, provide the conditions for security in order to speed up the development of air power; four culture through a variety of ways to exercise a number of high-level scientific and technical personnel; Fifth, we must strengthen organization and leadership, improve institutional innovation, the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay to market-oriented research using a combination of technological innovation system, give the whole force, to lay the aero-engine ‘turnaround’,
Xu Jianzhong that, as long as the play of the national superior forces to carry out innovative basic research and key technology research and development, especially the development of disruptive and innovative technology, our country and abroad, the gap is expected to be rapidly diminishing.
of aero-engine is facing unprecedented challenges, but also ushered unprecedented opportunities for development. Give the force of the country, we will achieve success, we must eradicate the aircraft “heart disease” can provide a healthy and strong ‘heart’ for military and civilian aviation equipment. “Liu said.

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