Thursday, May 31, 2012

PLA Air Force Civilian Jet For Join Air Projection

An air projection for plateau camping training conducted by the Air Force of theChinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was unveiled at 05:00 on May 29, 2012 at anairport in the hinterland of central China. A total of 5 military and civil airplanes weremobilized for this air projection mission from the hinterland of central China to the snow-covered plateau.
The wheeled equipment including command vehicles, communication vehicles and fieldambulances were slowly moving into the cabin of a transport aircraft. At the same time, 10-odd aviation containers were pushed along a slide way into the cabin of anothertransport aircraft to be locked and fixed.
On the other side of the apron, the fully-armed airborne troops quickly boarded a civilpassenger plane in 3 echelons under the guidance of the local flight attendants.
At 07:00, the military and civil transport airplanes fully loaded with airborne troops andequipment took off in turn. On the plane, a person in charge of the LogisticsDepartment of the PLA Air Force said that the PLA started air transport of recruits tothe plateau with the help of civil aviation transport strength since 1987, greatlyupgrading PLA’s strategic projection capability. This plateau camping training willfurther temper the remote-mobile-combat capability of the airborne troops.

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