Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bangladesh could buy fighters and missiles to Russia (expert)

In all likelihood, Bangladesh use the credit granted by Moscow to buy armored vehicles, aircraft and air defense missiles Russia, believes Igor Korotchenko, director of the Center for Global Trade Analysis weapons, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday .

President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday after talks with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh that Moscow would give credit to a billion dollars for the purchase of arms and military equipment to Russia.

"This is primarily a large batch of vehicles to transport troops BTP-80. Their number could vary between 80 and 100 units," said Mr. Korotchenko.

"The second segment includes systems antiaircraft missiles of short and medium-range," continued the Russian expert.

"Finally, given the fact that Bangladesh has previously bought MiG-29, it is hoped that he will sign with Russia a contract for the repair and modernization of these devices, as well as the purchase of new Russian fighter MiG-29SMT, "said Mr. Korotchenko.

He also believes that Bangladesh continue to import Russian helicopters, including Mi-171Ch.

"These are the types of weapons that the country needs and that Russia could buy," said the expert.

According to him, the Russian credit will not be used immediately, but progressively the contracts on specific areas of military-technical cooperation.

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