Friday, January 18, 2013

£14m contract for RAF Brimstone missiles

A new £14 million contract to increase the RAF’s arsenal of precision attack weapons has been announced by the Ministry of Defence.
The Brimstone missiles are carried by RAF Tornado aircraft in Afghanistan and were also used on operations over Libya.
Manufactured and assembled at MBDA facilities in Henlow, Bedfordshire, and Lostock, Bolton, the Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone (DMSB) missile is used by RAF crews to engage moving or static targets at day or night with pin point accuracy.
The weapon’s precision guidance capability means that the pilot is able to engage fleeting targets with extreme accuracy.
Defence Equipment Minister Philip Dunne, who recently returned from a visit to Helmand where he met RAF personnel who use the weapon, has agreed the contract with MBDA.
During his visit to Camp Bastion, where he saw the work of Joint Force Support which is responsible for coordinating air operations in Helmand, he said: “Brimstone is an extremely effective and reliable weapons system for RAF crews and ISAF Commanders.
“This investment to replenish supplies used in Afghanistan and in Libya will ensure this capability continues to be available whilst also giving a boost to the UK defence industry.”
Wing Commander Andy Turk led the initial Tornado operations over Libya and is now the Officer Commanding IX(Bomber) Squadron, currently deployed in Afghanistan.
He said: “Brimstone is being used to great effect by the RAF’s Tornado Force in Afghanistan and was also invaluable during the successful air campaign in Libya. It is very popular with our air crews because of its flexibility, accuracy and reliability – they have real confidence that the weapon will deliver the effects required.

“Brimstone has become a vital part of our modern and sophisticated arsenal of precision strike weapons.”
The contract for more Brimstone missiles comes just weeks after the MOD announced plans to buy more Paveway IV bombs as part of a £60 million contract, securing 450 jobs at Raytheon UK.
PICTURE: Ministry of Defence - Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone (DMSB) missiles fitted to a Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 aircraft.

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